Thermal imaging thermometer gate is very convenient for people to pass through safely

- Jul 22, 2020-

Thermal imaging thermometer gate is very convenient for people to pass through safely

At present, the rapid rising trend of the epidemic situation has been curbed, and the positive trend of prevention and control is expanding. While speeding up the resumption of work, production and school, we still need to strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work to prevent cross infection and prevent the repeated outbreak of the epidemic. In epidemic prevention and control, temperature monitoring is a very effective method. In order to meet the temperature measurement requirements of airports, stations, hospitals, schools and other occasions with large flow, thermal imaging temperature measurement security gate has been widely used in these scenarios.

In short, the thermal imaging temperature measurement security gate can quickly complete the body temperature measurement work, and timely screen out suspicious fever patients, and establish every defense line for epidemic prevention. The principle is thermography temperature screening. Thermal imaging body temperature screening is to detect the surface temperature of human body through thermal imager (non-contact way). If the body temperature exceeds the normal temperature, the possibility of fever will be judged, and real-time voice warning will be given.


Compared with mercury thermometer and forehead temperature gun, the two advantages of infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement security door are "high efficiency" and "safe distance temperature measurement". In short, forehead temperature gun and ear temperature gun sense the temperature of a "point", while infrared thermal imaging equipment senses a "surface" composed of thousands of points, so the measurement time is shorter and the efficiency is higher.

At the same time, thermal imaging human body temperature measurement is a long-distance, non intrusive way, the detected personnel do not need to stay and wait, the on duty personnel also keep a relatively safe distance from the tested population, effectively reducing the risk of infection, meeting the needs of rapid and large-scale safety screening, more suitable for the use of crowd focused places, and can meet the requirements of rapid customs clearance.

It should be noted that the thermal imaging temperature measurement security door is not an accurate medical temperature measurement instrument. It is mainly used to quickly select some abnormal body temperature in the crowd, and need to cooperate with the thermometer retest of medical means to ensure that no fever personnel are missed. The thermal imaging camera on the temperature measurement security door measures the temperature by detecting the thermal radiation of the human surface, and the temperature measurement results will fluctuate with sweating or wind blowing. Therefore, the thermal imaging temperature screening system is recommended for indoor relatively stable environment.

Prevention is the most economical and effective health strategy. With the arrival of the peak of rework and back to school, the thermal imaging temperature measurement security door will be applied to more public places, and complete the temperature measurement work efficiently and safely, so as to facilitate the safe passage of people, and provide powerful safeguard measures for epidemic prevention and control.