the views of security industry insiders

- May 17, 2018-

(A) The trend of mobile Internet is getting deeper, and how security companies can take advantage of the transformation

Although there have been many problems in the transformation of the industry's mobile Internet, there are major opportunities and multiple advantages in the transformation of the security industry. Mobile Internet is the trend of the times, and the security industry can only follow the trend.


The biggest upsurge of the mobile Internet's transformation of traditional industries is smart hardware and the security industry.


Security companies have inherent advantages

First, the core of smart hardware devices is video applications. Intelligent hardware devices are the most suitable entry products for the mobile Internet. The surveillance video is also an important data source and the most valuable part of big data production. The so-called “video has truth”. Both the most popular Sportscam such as Gopro, smart home appliances such as Hikvision's fluorite, and Samsung's Smartcam series all use video as their core application. Other functions such as alarm detection and linkage are just Auxiliary role.


Second, security's traditional network camera itself is the most suitable type of smart hardware equipment, IPC-based architecture can produce a variety of vertical industry applications, such as the current hot HD car recorder, sports DV, home use Cameras, etc.


Thirdly, IPC is the easiest product for mobile applications in security products. In other words, if we want to realize the transformation of traditional products and industries on the mobile Internet, it must be based on a vertical industry's smart hardware mobile APP. Its ultimate goal is to develop All the smart hardware is free, pure demand and users are brought by free or low-cost hardware. The value of the mobile Internet is that even free hardware can bring value through many APP users. When the number of users reaches a certain number, the value generated will increase by multipliers.


Fourth, the hardware must be modified to the user side. Hardware is just the beginning of sales. Buying hardware must use services to become a good business model. This model must be developed based on the specific needs of a vertical industry.


Fifth, since the development of security, the price of IPC has been continuously reduced and gradually entered the ranks of the civilian population. This has created a huge opportunity for cross-border product development in the security industry. If the security is still the original security, the IPC of thousands of dollars will not be able to meet the basic requirements of free hardware in the mobile Internet era.


Sixth, video is the best experience and advantage of security practitioners. This is unmatched by other industries, because no industry is as dedicated to video research as security, such as image algorithms, compression algorithms, how to reduce product power consumption, Reduce costs and so on. Therefore, it is an advantage for practitioners in the security industry to enter the mobile Internet through the entrance of video hardware.


Seize the opportunity to realize internetization

Based on this, the mobile Internet in the traditional security industry is advantageous. However, the opportunities that traditional security can find will need to grasp the following four points:


First, the ability to learn and integrate is the biggest challenge for security companies. It needs to be familiar with hardware, software, and the Internet value chain. Only in this way can there be opportunities.


Secondly, for now, a vertical application may have good development potential, rather than generalized and universalized adoption behavior. For example, smart home may be a relatively large opportunity, and personal devices may have marketing opportunities. Success, but lack long-term value and stickiness;


Third, the opportunity at both ends, one end is the transformation of traditional security manufacturing companies, and the other is the Internet companies to transform the security industry through cooperation;


Fourth, hardware is just a carrier. Hardware sales are just the beginning of real sales. Software and applications are kings.