The Transition of Security Enterprises in the Era of Mobile Internet

- May 17, 2018-

Ma Yun once said that there is no traditional enterprise but only traditional thinking. Today, security companies face not only the internal competition of the industry, but also the impact of Internet leading companies entering the Internet, and the changes in the development of the Internet itself for security operations in Beijing. In the era of mobile Internet, security companies how to use the Internet to transform their thinking, we may wish to get inspiration from the views of some well-known figures in the industry.


I. Mobile Internet Impact Security Market

On January 14, 2014, Google acquired RMB 3.2 billion to build a standard system for Internet of Things. It is not only people’s lives that need the Internet, everything is interconnected, and they achieve the effect of mutual integration. As we all know, nest is an innovative single product of intelligent security, which is closely related to security, but it is also a competitor. Because the nest is a smoke detection alarm, there are six sensors inside, smoke, carbon monoxide, temperature, light, motion, ultrasound, a smoke detection sensor made of small artificial intelligence single, very easy to install.


The 360's wristband has an emergency button for the elderly, a smart-positioned watch for children, and an infra-red detector for the socket. These are all security concepts.


In September 2013, Hikvision built its own cloud operation platform to provide cloud surveillance services to SMEs and home users, creating a new model for security operations. This is a pioneering move in the security industry, delivering positive energy. , It is understood that there are also some companies in the industry eager to try.


In addition, Xiaomi, who is very familiar with it, gathered a large number of mobile phone enthusiasts through the earliest miui community, and then developed these fanciers into rice noodles. Through these rice noodles, the product experience was constantly improved. Xiaomi has a good grasp of the stickiness of BBS, completely through the online direct sales model, and quickly opened up the market with the help of professional operations of new media, creating a rice noodle day to sell 1.3 million mobile phones, an amazing achievement of 1.5 billion yuan. , Become an online marketing model. Now that Xiaomi has entered the smart router, someone has painted a blueprint for the future. Smart home and smart security are their future layouts.