The successive explosions in Afghanistan require the presence of explosive detectors

- Aug 23, 2019-

On August 18, 2019, yesterday, we also enjoyed the revelry of Suning Shopping Festival on August 18. But there is a panic in Afghanistan. An explosion attack on a wedding site in Afghanistan directly killed dozens of people. As a security expert, Suzhou Otten Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. strongly recommended that: Afghanistan, You need to equip with explosive detector - Otten portable explosive drug detector, don't hesitate!


A suicide bomber attacked a wedding hall in Afghanistan, killing at least 63 people and injuring nearly 200, Fox News reported Wednesday. Not only did the Afghan people's life and safety suffer at the wedding, but also they felt that the country could not stay in Afghanistan. It was unsafe. There were frequent explosions.

Prior to that, on 7 August 2019, a car bomb exploded against Afghan security forces, killing 14 people and injuring 145, mostly women, children and other civilians.

Last year, in November 2018, a suicide bomber sneaked into a wedding hall in Kabul, killing at least 55 people.


It's a sweat pinched for Afghanistan and the explosions happened one after another. I feel that their country is really not staying. It's extremely unsafe. Compared with Afghanistan, our country is one of the safest countries in the world. There are a large number of security equipment manufacturers in our country. Our company has more independent research on the convenience of explosive inspection equipment. The development team has developed a portable explosive drug detector for explosives, Otten Brand, which is widely used in anti-terrorism, security inspection, public security and other key security zones. It can quickly detect prohibited items such as drugs, explosives and suspicious items on human clothing, luggage, cargo surface.