The project of X-ray Vehicle Detection System in Bangladesh was handed over smoothly

- Sep 12, 2019-

Project description

Recently, Suzhou Aoteng electron technology co ltd, completed the installation and transfer of AT-2810 vehicle detection series. The installation point is located at Chapai and Jessore in Bangladesh. It is located on the border between India and Bangladesh. It is about 5-6 hours' drive. It is mainly used for vehicle safety inspection on the border between India and Mencius, preventing all kinds of weapons and dangerous goods and maintaining border security. It is very important for maintaining stability and harmony along the way.


Project challenges

After the initial test and approval of the goods in the factory, the customer receives temporary notice from the government to change the structure of the products and the channel size. This temporary demand for change can be said to be a disruptive change in our products. However, in order to meet the requirements of the local government and the army, our engineers have repeatedly studied and customized the products, and finally successfully completed the product redesign in a very short time. Our production department also works overtime to cooperate with assembly and trial production. This process shows Otten's strong R&D strength and technological transformation ability, which surprises customers and admires them heartily.

Two in 7-8, Bangladesh's local weather was not strong enough. The sun was baking at the construction site. It was very hot and accompanied by heavy rainfall, which posed challenges for the installation work. The groundwork, rain shelter and operating room and other advanced work that required the customers to complete ahead of schedule were not in place for various reasons, resulting in expensive and sensitive core components of the equipment at high temperature and rain water. It's been tested before.

Three or two installation sites are far from each other, while the middle road condition is not ideal, the traffic is very inconvenient, the end user is constantly pressuring, and the handover time is imminent. In this case, the customer requests one of our installation teams to fight in two places and quickly complete the installation, training and testing in a short time.



The successful completion of the installation and transfer fully demonstrates the strong technological innovation strength, manufacturing capacity and strong after-sales engineer team of Suzhou Otten Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. At the same time, it exercised the long-distance combat ability of Otten Vehicle Scanning Team, which laid a solid foundation for future projects.

Aoteng Vehicle Scanning Series is developing in depth, the product line is becoming more and more full, the product performance is constantly updated and improved, our R&D production and after-sales team is also growing in practice. The market experience and talent reserve obtained from this will start Antian to go further and further in a broader field and scope and reach a new height!