The Port Office of Zhangjiagang Municipal People's Government Successfully Installed Walk Through Metal Detector Security Gate

- Apr 24, 2019-

Zhangjiagang is a branch port and preparatory port of Shanghai Port. It has the handling capacity of 13 different types of cargo, such as containers, timber, steel, grain and oil, chemical industry, coal, ore and groceries. It has opened up several international container direct routes to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and maintained cargo exchanges with major ports in the world through Shanghai or Hong Kong. As an international transit port, logistics customs plays an important role in port security.


The main reasons for the installation of Aoteng brand walk through metal detector security gates and X-ray security machines in the port offices of the Zhangjiagang People's Government are to conduct security checks on parked goods and past personnel, to prevent entry and exit personnel from carrying prohibited metal articles, to ensure the safety of personnel and staff, to prevent the entry and exit of prohibited articles, to ensure the normal safety and order of the port, and to ensure the safety of the manufacturers and X-ray security inspection of the security gates. Machine manufacturer Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in producing Aoteng brand security door and X-ray security machine for 15 years. It has excellent quality, preferential price of security door and X-ray security machine. It is deeply loved by government and enterprise units and the vast number of new and old customers. It receives good reputation. Its Aoteng brand enjoys high reputation not only in Suzhou, but also in East and Central China. Welcome to visit the guide.