The most widely used metal detector manufacturer in rubber industry

- Feb 12, 2020-

The most widely used metal detector manufacturer in rubber industry

Rubber products are widely used in the society. In the process of rubber production and processing, metal impurities can not be avoided. In order to improve the application properties and quality of products, it is also necessary to add a program of metal detection. Today, I will show you the application of metal detector in the rubber industry.

Rubber is a kind of deformable high elastic polymer material, which belongs to a completely amorphous polymer with a large molecular weight. It can be divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. Generally, rubber is an insulator with poor conductivity. However, if it is stained with water or at different temperatures, it can also become a conductor. It is relatively easy to detect the metal of solid rubber, with relatively high sensitivity High, but for liquid rubber or semi-solid rubber, the performance configuration of metal detector is not the same. Generally, the lower working frequency and effective phase adjustment function will be used to avoid the interference of liquid water or conductive elements on metal detection. Generally, according to the characteristics, size and weight of the actual detection object, the final result is true Is the result detectable, or how sensitive can it be detected?


There are also many rubber products, such as tires, latex pillows, rubber accessories, etc. we all know that in the processing of rubber products, no matter from the aspect of raw materials or in the process of production and processing, there is no guarantee that no metal impurities will be mixed in. In order to ensure that the products will not be polluted, the equipment will not be damaged, and the consumers will not be hurt, rubber manufacturers should pay attention to gold Foreign matter prevention and control work, to ensure product quality and their own brand and reputation.

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