The important function of the temperature measurement security check gate

- Mar 23, 2020-

The important function of the temperature measurement security check gate

The security check gate tells you that the device is due to both sides of the gate and can transmit and receive variable EMF sensors. The metal conductor, which makes the variable electromagnetic field exciter stone, generates eddy current in the metal conductor and emits a current with the same frequency as the original magnetic field but in the direction rather than the magnetic field. The metal detector detects whether there is real metal nearby by detecting whether there is eddy current signal.

The product is an upgraded version of the traditional metal security check door. It integrates the infrared temperature measurement technology with the metal detection function. It can detect the body temperature of the passing personnel while detecting the suspicious metal objects. The security inspector can judge whether the body temperature of the personnel is normal through the prompt tone and the temperature value display, which can effectively screen the personnel with abnormal body temperature, and deal with emergencies while preventing and controlling dangerous goods Public health events provide corresponding safety and security,


The human body temperature measurement security check gate adopts high-precision infrared temperature sensor, the sensing distance can reach 0.5-1 m, which has high precision and high resolution, and is immune to environment and sunlight. At room temperature, the measurement error is ± 0.5 ℃, and the resolution is 0.02 ℃. When the detection door works, it will display the actual temperature of human body. If the temperature exceeds 37.3 ℃, it will give an alarm. When no one passes, it will display the ambient temperature of the site.

Panel digital key operation; infrared remote control operation; computer remote networking operation (customized); luxurious super bright 5.7-inch LCD display, bilingual Chinese and English menu;

According to the basic structure of human body, the security check gate is divided into multiple overlapping detection areas. The network detection mode and single frequency excitation technology are used to eliminate the weak and blind areas in the detection area, with higher sensitivity and more stable performance.

Intelligent statistics: intelligent high brightness LCD indicator and alarm panel are used to display passenger flow and alarm counting functions respectively, which can automatically count the number of people passing through and the number of alarms. Set the working signal frequency by yourself, and install multiple detection doors to work together without interference. The reserved communication interface can be connected with the computer to monitor and count the detection.