The Embodiment of National Humanized Management of Judicial Hand Ring

- Apr 13, 2019-

According to the data of security gate manufacturers, it is known that in order to make people who are not serious in violation of the law correct their evils as soon as possible, the state lets them go to the community to correct their evils, let them wear anti-disassembly positioning bracelets, and let them report to the community regularly.


Community correction refers to the non-custodial punishment of putting criminals who are legally qualified in the community, assisted by the judicial administrative organs (judicial bureaus) and their local offices (judicial offices), within the time limit determined by judgment, ruling or resolution, to correct their illegal psychology and behavior, through ideological and labor transformation, and to promote their smooth return to society. Punishment of performance activities. However, in the implementation of community corrections, there is a headache, that is, to avoid the escape of detainees, because not everyone will be generous to bear the transformation, let alone illegal elements, some of them will try their best to escape. In this regard, the judicial anti-disassembly bracelet was born, and the use of judicial anti-disassembly Bracelet greatly strengthened the security of community correction.

Judicial anti-disassembly bracelet is a comprehensive service platform specially designed for the judicial Community Corrective operation, which can supervise the community corrective objectives effectively. The system is based on the positioning of electronic wristband. Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of security gates, metal detection gates, metal detection security gates, X-ray security machines, community correction bracelets, UWB indoor positioning system, etc. Metal detection door price concessions, quality assurance, welcome to inquire security door manufacturers!