The 18th Anniversary of Suzhou Aoteng Electron technology co ltd

- Mar 12, 2019-

On the eighteenth anniversary of the founding of Aoteng, in order to give back the support and love of our customers, our company has launched a series of Thanksgiving celebrations and marketing feedback activities. Among them, the marketing feedback activities take "Aoteng 18 years, Thanksgiving 18 days" as the theme, aiming at giving back to the society and bringing real benefits to the vast number of new and old customers.

Activity time:8 May - 24 May 2019


At the 18th anniversary Thanksgiving Feedback event of Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., metal detectors, X-ray machines, hand-held metal detectors, metal detection gates, gates, all-altitude gates and underground metal detectors will be introduced with gratitude preferential prices at the freezing point of this season. After the high-quality special price is over, the order will win a "draw prize, win cash" opportunity. In addition, the new and old customers can successfully purchase, discount the corresponding gifts, up to the discount of 10,000 yuan.


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