Terahertz technology will inject new momentum into human life

- May 14, 2018-

One of the top ten technologies that will change the world of the future

- Terahertz technology will inject new momentum into human life


In recent years, the terahertz wave has attracted more and more attention and has been recognized by the international scientific and technological community as a contestable area in the high-tech field. Its research and application are of great strategic importance for future military operations and national security, and have even been rated as "one of the top ten technologies for changing the world in the future." Terahertz technology is a very dynamic cutting-edge technology and its application is very extensive. With the continuous development of science and technology, new theories, new phenomena, new methods and new applications in terahertz technology are emerging. In the field of communications, astronomy, electromagnetic weapons and other basic sciences, national economy and national security, there are extensive and irreplaceable major application prospects. With the deepening of research, the future of terahertz technology will inject new energy into human life.


As a leading terahertz technology expert in China, Wu Shuai has his own opinions in this field. “In the next few years, with the increasing demand for anti-terrorism and security industries at home and abroad, the scale of security inspection equipment market will usher in a substantial increase, and the market capacity will increase each year. It will reach tens of billions, and the terahertz security instrument will have an incalculable market space, and it is expected to open a new terahertz-class new industry. In the face of huge market potential, we will not only use it as a single product. Sales, but to develop as an industry, we actively cooperate and exchange with terahertz experts from well-known universities and research institutes in China, and integrate resources so as to better provide technical requirements from the market for device manufacturers in the upstream of the industrial chain. Users in the downstream of the industrial chain provide terahertz technology solutions, and in terms of product development spectrum, we must gradually expand from security inspections to security, surveillance, etc., increase market share, gradually realize industrialization, and in the future airport, rail transit, etc. More occasions to launch our products to promote the development of our entire terahertz industry."


At present, all countries in the world have accelerated their exploration of the terahertz wave, which is the only one that has not been fully studied, and has set off an upsurge of research on terahertz. As the domestic industry leader, Anhui Bomicro-THz Information Technology Co., Ltd. bears the brunt of core technology and keeps pace with the times in independent research and development. It uses the "China-made" terahertz high-tech products as the leader of the security and security of the motherland. I believe that in the near future, what we will see will be the scenes of Boehmite's technology blooming in different fields. With this vision, we look forward to seeing and waiting!