Terahertz technology-Video rapid imaging improves rail transit security

- May 14, 2018-

Terahertz Camera Upgrade Terahertz Camera

——Video rapid imaging improves rail transit security


In recent years, foreign subways have experienced frequent calamities and disasters, which have caused incalculable impacts on national, social, and personal safety. Although there have been no violent and terror incidents in domestic rail transit, they should also be prevented. The field of rail transit security is currently facing the embarrassing situation of “conformity”. Even if the staff repeatedly chanted “bag security check,” the passengers basically ignored it. In fact, from the perspective of passengers, there is no reason. The tens of seconds during the peak period may cause entrance congestion and miss the subway and other troubles, so many passengers used their own actions to protest. The reason may be that the current Chinese rail transit security inspection lacks efficiency and convenience.


The appearance of the Botetz Hertz Human Security Tester coincided with the deficiency of China's subway safety inspection efficiency. On the basis of saving time and durability, the company achieved mutual wins in efficiency and quality. In response to these problems, BoTeh's human security monitor upgraded the terahertz camera to a terahertz camera and achieved rapid video imaging. When people accept the security check, they do not need to stay and they are detected under normal circumstances. This is a good solution to the problem of large-scale human traffic in the field of rail transit. It can also eliminate potential hidden dangers caused by potential lawbreakers and protect the personal safety of security personnel and staff.


In addition, according to introduction by Wu Shuai, the BoTeh human body security inspection instrument is currently being used in pilot projects in subways in some cities, and will be used in subway projects in other cities in the future, with a view to contributing more to China’s rail transit security inspection business. power.