Terahertz technology-Innovate technology to create more efficient and civilized human security inspection instruments

- May 14, 2018-

The public safety industry is the development area that the country currently supports. The terahertz screening technology, as a highly sophisticated technology in the public safety field, is particularly important for promoting the development of the entire public security industry. At present, China’s rail transit, border defense, airports, railways, customs and other departments have shown great concern and demand for such security technology. It can be said that the future development prospects are very broad.


However, contrary to demand, the speed and capability of terahertz technology from scientific research to industrialization in China still have a large gap with European and American countries. In terms of actual conditions, the technology from components to systems is monopolized by foreign countries, including China. Many countries in the world are trying to make breakthroughs. Under this difficult background, Wu Shuai led a high-quality academic team consisting mainly of doctors and set up a leading domestic and world-class terahertz technology research center. He paid close attention to researching the field of public safety, led the team to overcome various difficulties, combined the advanced technology of THz and human security, and successfully developed a new generation of visualized THz human body security inspection instrument pioneered in China, breaking the monopoly of technology in advanced countries in Europe and America.


Today, reporter of “China Rail Transit” magazine had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Wu Shuai, general manager of Anhui Bomicro-Hertz Information Technology Co., Ltd. In the narration of Wu Shuai, let us have an in-depth understanding of the story behind BoTertz.


It takes 3 years and a strong technical breakthrough

- Create more efficient, clearer, more convenient and safer security inspection equipment


Terahertz technology has been rated by the United States as one of the "ten technologies that change the world in the future," and it has been ranked first by Japan as "the top ten strategic goals for the country." The industry generally believes that terahertz technology will be one of the major emerging scientific and technological fields in the 21st century.

However, prior to this, terahertz human body security technology was only developed in Europe and the United States and other developed countries to master the core technology! In China and even Asia, most of the practical applications of the technology are merely "on paper." It was in the context of this “technical gap” that the Anhui Bowei Terahertz team took only three years to overcome the technical monopoly of developed countries such as Europe and the United States.


“In the initial stage of our research and development of the THz human security instrument, the primary problems encountered were the limited basic research conditions, the shortage of high-end terahertz instrumentation, the incompleteness of the THz industrial chain upstream, and everyone’s knowledge of THz technology. The level extends to the actual product development, which requires constant experimentation and debugging, and even so, we do not have the slightest retreat, and the terahertz team members work overtime to conduct research in the laboratory and set up calibration and environmental control devices for the terahertz imaging system. The innovative use of video compression technology in terahertz imaging has overcome a series of problems in infrastructure and R&D personnel, and has taken the lead in breaking the monopoly of European and American countries."


The Biometrics Human Security Tester uses the world's leading passive terahertz imaging technology. Simply put, it is through the passive reception of terahertz waves emitted by the human body. After processing and conversion, it forms a two-dimensional terahertz “snapshot” of the human body. When people hide articles in the clothes they wear, they absorb and block some or all of the body's terahertz waves, making the “snapshot” produce a contrast between the position of the corresponding object and the human body’s background, thereby detecting the presence of the object. And on the display shows the shape, size and location of the item. Compared to traditional security inspections, BoTek Human Security Tester has many advantages such as being more efficient, safer, faster, and clearer. Wu Shuai said: “The terahertz wave has high resolution and imaging compared with microwaves. Higher resolution; penetrating, easy to penetrate human clothes compared to visible light; safer than X-ray, no damage to biological tissue, suitable for security and medical imaging applications; It also has material identification and can be used to identify drugs, explosives and other contraband."