Terahertz technology-Disruptive revolution bringing traditional security

- May 14, 2018-

One-second security check and practice new ideas in the field of public safety

- Disruptive revolution bringing traditional security


Just like the “eye of the eye”, you can get a security check in one second, and you can also find hidden explosives, drugs, knives, and other prohibited items with a high degree of accuracy. This is the fast recognition capability of BMT. As the first terahertz human security tester in China, this security tester can complete the security check in 1-2 seconds without violating the privacy of passengers. It is understood that the terahertz security instrument is currently only developed in the United States to produce similar products, and the appearance of the Botel THz human body security instrument fills the gap in the technology in the country.


At present, the BoTeh human body security inspection instrument has been successfully applied to important bayonet and checkpoints in various regions of Xinjiang, bringing the latest concept of security inspection technology to border prevention and inspection. Since the application of the system, it has played an important role in the actual security inspection. The number of people inspected every day has reached several hundred thousand. Thousands of passengers have successfully seized cases of contraband and eliminated major safety hazards in time. This is to protect the national “One Belt and One Road” bridgehead. Safety has made contributions and has been highly appraised from grassroots public security officials to senior leaders. "In addition, we have also actively engaged in strategic cooperation with civil aviation and railways. We will see our products on more occasions in the future."


The application of Biometrics Human Security Tester on human body security has brought a revolutionary disruption to traditional security inspections. It is a milestone innovation and breakthrough, and it is also a dynamic “box office guarantee” in the public security field! Since the "invented", Bo micro-Hertz human security instrument has been favored. Wu Shuai believes that Hertz waves are natural "anti-terrorists" and security inspections. Many explosives and their associated components and drugs have a fingerprint spectrum in the terahertz band, which can provide security warnings in densely populated areas such as airports, stations and terminals. “In the past quite a while, we mainly used metal security doors and hand-held metal detectors for security inspections, mainly for the detection of metal substances, and could not identify new tools such as ceramic cutting tools, 3D printing guns, and plastic explosives. Weapons, but these materials have a certain degree of absorption in the terahertz band, can use passive terahertz imaging technology, which uses the human body's own terahertz wave to effectively image the prohibited items hidden under the clothes, while ensuring There is no radiation to the human body, so it has been highly valued by countries in the field of security inspection and anti-terrorism. It can be said that it has led the fourth revolution of human security."