Technical Analysis of Explosion-proof Safety Inspection in Railway Station

- Jul 01, 2019-

The security inspection equipment of the railway station is large and suitable for the safety inspection of large luggage. With the gradual advancement of the real-name railway system, the workload of security inspection is increasing, and the number of security inspection channels is increasing. With the increase of the number of passenger dedicated lines, the new EMU passenger station also has a demand for security inspection equipment. At present, most of the products used are X-ray security checkers and portable metal detectors.


According to the size of passenger traffic or freight volume, the railway station is divided into six grades: first-class, second-class and fifth-class. At present, there is a great demand for the renewal and purchase of security inspection equipment in special and low-grade railway stations. Special stations are often new high-speed railway passenger dedicated line hub stations in first-tier cities, or large stations in hub cities, mainly located in Beijing, Zhengzhou and other places. Because of the large passenger flow, the existing security inspection equipment is difficult to meet the requirements of large passenger flow, high precision and high performance, so it needs to be purchased and replaced to a greater extent. Third, fourth and fifth class stations usually lag behind. Some stations are not equipped with security equipment, which causes great potential safety hazards to road network operation and passenger safety. Therefore, the demand for security equipment for low-level stations is also great in the future. It is estimated that the market scale of explosion-proof security equipment used in railway stations will reach 440 million yuan in 2013-2015, of which about 140 million yuan in 2013.

With the rise of various security cases, more and more passenger stations, railway stations and other related enterprises or units have increased security and explosion-proof measures to ensure safe operation. In the face of complex crowds and bags, the station security departments have installed baggage security machines in the corridors, while for the airport, there are security gates in use.

On security issues, the station has on duty policemen to verify the identity cards of the young and middle-aged people in and out, in order to arrest the exiled criminals. The airport management is more stringent. For explosion-proof problems, explosive detectors are placed near each security gate for detection, and suspected items are immediately isolated and disposed of. Usually there are several security checks at the airport, such as vehicles entering and leaving the airport for security checks, personnel security checks, baggage security checks and spot checks.


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