Suzhou Otten Technology - Brand of School Walk Through Security Gate and X-ray screening Safety Inspection Machine for Domestic Majors

- Aug 05, 2019-

Speaking of security equipment, the first thing we should think about is the X-ray screening security machine used to detect baggage packages and the walk through metal detector security door used to detect people's bodies at stations and airports. Setting up security equipment in schools may be a new topic.


The security inspection equipment of Otten Science and Technology in Suzhou was first established in cooperation with the school more than ten years ago. It was applied to the security inspection teaching of the school and was used as a teaching and training equipment. It is the first company in China to launch security inspection equipment for aviation school teaching and training. It is also the first company to launch a channel X-ray luggage scanner security inspection machine manufactured in accordance with the airport security inspection standard. It fully achieves the same appearance and function as airport security inspection machine. It has been welcomed by customers after entering the market.

Today we are discussing the application of security inspection equipment as a real security inspection equipment at the school gate. There are two main applications:

1. Conduct safety checks on foreign personnel to prevent the occurrence of safety incidents and to ensure the safety of school teachers and students; 2. Check whether students carry dangerous goods such as mobile phones and knives;


In recent years, many campus injury incidents have sounded alarm bells for people, and students indulged in mobile phone causing physical and psychological injury, etc. These factors prompted the Ministry of Education to issue an urgent notice on April 24, requesting that we should do a good job in preventing primary and secondary school students from indulging in online education guidance, including strengthening noon, classes and so on. Later period management, standardize the use of mobile phones for students. As early as 2012, Otten Science and Technology in Suzhou has applied security gates and X-ray security machines to some primary and secondary schools in China. Over the past few years, research and development and improvement have been carried out according to the characteristics of the use of the school, which can fully meet the requirements of the use of school security inspection. It can be used not only for security inspection equipment at the school entrance, but also for teaching and training, as well as for security inspection and detection equipment specially used in the examination hall. It has gradually become a comparative specialty of the education system. And the size of the supplier. At present, more than ten provinces in China have established offices. Friends from all over the country are welcome to consult and understand, and win-win cooperation!