Suzhou Aoteng Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new model metal detector gate AT-1088

- Mar 07, 2019-

Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a joint venture, which is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of security detection products. Mainly serves in electronic factory, hardware factory, Airport security, station security gate, industrial manufacturing, ship heavy industry, entertainment places, public security system and other fields. Our Engineering Department has introduced a new type of metal detector gate of  AT-1088, which has higher precision, stronger anti-interference and can be used in different environments. Metal detection door AT-1088


Introduction to Functions

1.8/24 zones Display: Products are divided into 8/24 defense zones, suspicious objects can be accurately displayed in the corresponding areas.

2. Anti-ultraviolet panel: LED digital tube shows the number of passes and the number of alarms.

3. Detection and counting: the number of passers and alarms can be detected, such as: 100 people walk, 100 people, will not count more or less.

4. Sensitivity regulation: Sensitivity can be adjusted according to need. There are 255 levels of sensitivity.

5. Accuracy: The sensitivity is very high. A pin can be detected in the middle of the door. It can be detected 100 times, without missing or crossing reports. It can also eliminate the influence of belt buckles, shoes and bras.

6. Volume adjustable: alarm volume adjustable, divided into high, medium, low and mute four grades for choice.

7. Signal interference indication: environmental interference monitoring indicator lamp.

8. Door body characteristics: the exterior uses foreign brand fire-proof board veneer, the door column adopts electrophoresis processing method, and the partitioning chassis has a unique appearance.

9, 2 side post lights: green standby lights above the post, two rows of LED lights on the front of the door, can visually display the alarm location, sound and light alarm at the same time.

10. Waterproof masks: The masks are designed with waterproof and sealing, and conform to IP55 international standards.

11. Alarm mode: Customers can switch single location alarm mode or multi-location alarm mode by themselves.

12. Aiming at the electromagnetic interference in various use environments, the whole system adopts the world's advanced EMC design, and uses the DSP processor to correlate and filter the sampling signals of prohibited items, so that the whole set of equipment has a strong ability of electromagnetic anti-interference.

13. The parameters can be controlled by remote control. Parameters can be password protected, so that unauthorized personnel can not operate.

14. Reserve communication interface, which can be connected with computers, cameras, three rollers, etc. The computer can display the parameters of the security gate, and can directly adjust the parameters of the security gate through the computer.

15. The software regulates 8 sets of frequencies so that multiple devices work side by side without interference.

16. It is harmless to heart pacemaker wearers, pregnant women and magnetic media.


Suzhou aoteng electron technology co ltd is a professional manufacturer of walk through metal detector gate in china,all the products are strictly made based on iso9001 quality standard system with world advanced production technology.after the test of more years in the market,we are got the good comments by the customers around the world.