Successful delivery of Suzhou Aoteng's self-service customs clearance project in the border inspection of the Republic of Benin in recent days

- Aug 02, 2019-

The Republic of Benin is situated in south-central West Africa, bordering Nigeria in the east, Burkina Faso and Niger in the northwest and northeast, Togo in the West and the Atlantic Ocean in the south. The project uses four self-service customs clearance equipment installed at Cotonou International Airport in Benin. The equipment has not exceeded six weeks from contract signing, design, production, transportation, installation and delivery. The performance of Suzhou Aoteng products has been highly recognized by the partners.

The operation of self-service customs clearance equipment greatly improves the efficiency of border inspection. Passengers only need to put their passport into the instrument to scan, then enter the passage, compare fingerprints, the passage door opens, the slowest clearance will not exceed 10 seconds. Compared with the original manual verification: from the submission of documents, border police inquiry information, stamp, release, this set of procedures to end, the fastest 20 seconds.

In 2015, Aoteng brand Express and self-service customs products entered African and European markets one after another; the successful implementation of this project has made Suzhou Aoteng Technology take a solid step towards the development goal of serving the world.

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