Structure and function of weight checking scale

- Jan 03, 2020-

What are the structure and functions of the weight checking scale


What is the structure and function of the weight checking scale? Checkweigher is a new type of weighing instrument which is being used by many manufacturers.

1. The acceleration part of the weight checklist is as follows:

(1) Maintain the same speed as the metering belt, and put the weight into the metering belt.

(2) It can prevent two weighing objects from entering at the same time.

2. Photoelectric test device of weight verification scale:

Check whether the weighing is passed (Note: some weighing scales have two groups before and after).

3、 Weighing scale measuring device

(1) Structure description:

A.Metering power belt

B only the weighing objects on the measuring belt are allowed to pass smoothly.

C weighing device

(2) There are three types of supporting structures:

Single sensor bracket

B-type double sensor bracket

C four point support scale table

(3) role:

A measure the weight weighed on the belt.

Type B damping buffer with a certain weight cell structure

Technical core: zero balance device

4、 Operation touch screen of checkweigher

Weighing display controller: operation and control of equipment

5. Weight check descaling device

Structure description:

(1) Remove drive belt

(2) Fast transportation of weighing objects

(3) There are many kinds of dismantling devices (air blowing type, push rod type, pull rod type, split type, flap type).

6、 Principle:

A device for dividing a weighed object into light, partial, and medium grades according to a predetermined ultimate weight.