Standards for brand ranking of security equipment

- Jun 21, 2019-

When it comes to the ranking of security equipment brands, many people outside the industry may not know anything about it. Even those in the industry may not be able to distinguish clearly, and so far there is no authoritative body in China to publish information on the ranking of security equipment brands in mainland China. This is very different from the popularity awareness of household appliances, mobile phones, clothing, food and other industries. So what is a brand? How did the brand ranking come from? The Director of Muyuan Security and Marketing Department is here to have a brief talk with you.

Brand, first of all, is a name given by a company to its own products, which is generally composed of words, letters or graphics. Then, in the operation and marketing promotion of the enterprise, the culture, product positioning, commercial reputation, product price and so on are added. Simple name is just a product name, only after adding many connotations of the enterprise and forming market influence can it be called a brand! Well-known brand is a long-term, multi-factor comprehensive development process.

As a manufacturer of walk through security gates and X-ray luggage scanner security equipment, in order to build a well-known brand in the industry, efforts should be made in terms of product quality, corporate reputation, marketing, channel layout and efficient service. First of all, we need to win reputation from customers and form a psychological cognition from potential customers. Then we can gradually win the market and grow into a well-known brand by displaying various advantages and thinking and solving problems from the perspective of customers.

At present, the manufacturers of security inspection equipment are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangdong. These three regions represent different modes of production, sale and service. As a security equipment user, the most real requirement is actually very simple, that is, good quality, good service, good price! Therefore, in order to become a well-known brand of security inspection equipment, we must cover these three elements in the operation of enterprises and strive to do better! Aoteng Electronics and everyone!