Standard for the Configuration of Safety Production Equipment in Postal Industry

- Apr 05, 2019-

Following the announcement issued on 22 October, the State Post Office recently issued the Implementation Plan of the Special Action for Cleaning up and Rectifying Centralized Delivery Channels. From now on until the end of March 2016, the special action for clearing and rectifying the Delivery Channels has been carried out nationwide to figure out the safety base, plug the security loopholes, eliminate the potential safety hazards, strengthen law enforcement and inspection, and implement the responsibility of supervision. The long-term mechanism will severely crack down on the use of mail and express mail to commit various illegal and criminal acts in accordance with the law, so as to ensure the safe and smooth delivery channels.



According to the relevant documents issued jointly by 15 departments such as the Central Comprehensive Management Office, and in line with the implementation of the national special action on October 22 to centralize the clearance and rectification of dangerous explosive materials delivery logistics and the resolution of contradictions and disputes, we should do a good job in the spirit of video conference on maintaining social stability. The plan calls for further accelerating progress, stringent standards, implementing responsibilities, strengthening supervision, and comprehensively promoting the work.“ Implementing the requirements of the three measures of receiving and inspecting, real-name receiving and sending and overtaking security inspection.


The plan is put forward and the system of receiving and inspecting mails is fully implemented. Postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises should strictly implement the inspection system of receiving and sending goods, and all the items received and sent should be examined first and sealed afterwards. Reminds the sending users to abide by the state regulations on prohibition and restriction of delivery. We should adhere to the principle of "who receives and mails, who is responsible", clarify the responsibility of receiving and mailing inspection, formulate rules for receiving and mailing inspection, strengthen the training and responsibility of employees, and especially strengthen the checks on the collection and mailing of dangerous chemicals, inflammable and explosive articles.


The plan is clear and the measures of real-name collection and mailing are implemented in an all-round way. All postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises should strictly implement the measures of real-name receiving and sending. Since November 1, 2015, except for the express delivery of letters and agreed customers with existing security mechanisms, and mail and express mail delivered through self-service post office (smart express box), they must check the sender's telephone number and related identity information before receiving and sending them. For the existing security assurance mechanism agreement customers, such as e-commerce enterprises, key customers, etc., to sign security agreements; e-commerce agreement customers are required to fill in complete and accurate sender information, and regularly give spot checks to verify. For non-agreement customers, especially in roadside, station, hotel, square and other public places where people move around, real-name control is strictly applied to mail and express mail. Users are prompted to fill in the courier waybill truthfully or to send detailed forms, including the name, category and quantity of the sender, the addressee of the recipient and the name, number and quantity of the items to be delivered, and the sender's telephone number and related identity information are compared and checked. You can receive and send it only after the fact. Enterprises should formulate their own real-name receiving and sending operation procedures, improve the user information security management system, and improve user information security and safety management measures.


The plan emphasizes that the safety inspection requirements for passing aircraft should be comprehensively promoted. Postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises should improve the configuration of safety production equipment in accordance with the "Standards for the Configuration of Safety Production Equipment in the Postal Industry", and speed up the implementation of the requirements for comprehensive overflight security of mail and express mail. If less than 100% of the mail and express mail have passed the X-ray machine security inspection for the time being, it should be rectified within a time limit. Since January 1, 2016, less than 100% of mail and express mail have passed the X-ray machine security inspection, which should be studied and solved by all provinces (districts and municipalities) as a whole.


The special action of clearing up and rectifying the delivery channels will be divided into three stages: deployment and inventory, centralized rectification and deepening consolidation. The plan emphasizes that all levels of postal management departments, postal enterprises and express delivery enterprises should fully recognize the importance of strengthening the safety management of mail delivery, raise ideological awareness, strengthen organizational leadership, strictly implement responsibilities, and strive for practical results. Postal administrations at all levels should conduct thorough investigation and investigation, standardize industry management, strengthen supervision and management, strictly enforce laws and inspections, strengthen education and training, and widely publicize and guide. Sending enterprises should cooperate fully with the work of investigating and clearing up hidden dangers, and constantly improve the safety management system and measures of receiving and sending, sorting, transportation, delivery and other links.