Sri Lanka Explosion: For the rest of its life, security and development need to go hand in hand!

- Jun 11, 2019-

On April 21, 2019, a number of serious explosive attacks occurred in Sri Lanka, killing more than 250 people and injuring more than 500 people, including two Chinese citizens killed in the explosion! AOTENG, as a domestic professional explosive detector research and development manufacturer, strongly recommends Sri Lanka to increase explosive detector equipment in key national security zones. At the same time, the following three lessons should be learned:


Lesson 1: Terrorist forces come from the outside, and external security needs to be strengthened!

According to media reports, the two identified attackers, Zahran Hashem and Abu Mohammed, can be roughly identified by their names as coming from outside forces. This also indicates that this series of attacks may have been planned by external forces and infiltrated into Sri Lanka to launch attacks.

For Sri Lanka, this is likely to be a disaster without arrogance. After 30 years of civil war, Sri Lanka has made great efforts to develop its economy in recent years. The visa system is relatively loose, but this time it has become the target of terrorists.

It is suggested that security measures such as crossing security gates, X-ray security machines, hand-held metal detectors and vehicle bottom detection systems should be installed in important places.

Lesson 2: The serious loopholes in anti-terrorism intelligence work need to be strengthened.

As mentioned earlier, this series of serial explosions must have been planned and trampled on for a long time, but the police were unprepared in advance and exposed serious omissions in Sri Lanka's counter-terrorism intelligence work. According to the BBC, a Sri Lankan minister admitted that the security and intelligence services did not know who was responsible for it or their motivation.

There are also reports that Sri Lankan police warned last week that militant groups may attack churches and foreign countries. But Rao did not stop the tragedy.

But it also shows the insufficiency of international anti-terrorism intelligence cooperation. Probably, quite a lot of terrorists come from outside Sri Lanka, which requires other countries, especially the United States, India, the United Kingdom and other countries to give Sri Lanka Carter other warnings, but the fact is that when the world most needs 007, 007 is out of business and only exists in Hollywood movies.

Is the problem in Sri Lanka non-existent in other countries? The United States failed to prevent 911, New Zealand had a new tragedy... This is a struggle between life and death. If you are not careful, nightmares may happen around you.

Lesson 3: Religious contradictions and conflicts, domestic religious beliefs need to be carefully guarded!

Although Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, it has a strong religious diversity because it was colonized by Portugal, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Two recent terrorist attacks have shocked the world, one in New Zealand, targeting Muslims and mosques, and the other in Sri Lanka, targeting luxury hotels and churches. Preliminary signs also show that these are internal and external collusion, fleeing crime, that is, deliberately chose a weak security peace country, suddenly launched attacks on targets.

Every terrorist attack must be followed by a violent retaliation, which exacerbates the ethnic divide in the area. Some primitive countries have become victims of hatred. Moreover, it is certain that there are still many terrorists lurking in New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Australia, Canada, the United States, France, Germany, Britain and many other countries. It is terrible to think about that.


Serial bombings, at least in a short time, will severely damage Sri Lanka's image and tourism industry. Poor Sri Lanka, with fiscal revenue of $12.213 billion in 2017, expenditure of $16.877 billion and deficit of nearly $4 billion, now has to add a large amount of security costs. For this poor South Asian country, it's worse.

Alarm bells must ring! For the rest of your life, security and development need to go hand in hand! It is suggested that Sri Lankan leaders should pay attention to security.