Specific depth of underground metal detector

- Nov 22, 2019-

Specific depth of underground metal detector

In order to understand the specific detection depth of the underground metal detector, we must first understand its principle. What is the detection principle of the underground metal detector?

The principle of underground metal detector

The underground metal detector uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field through the coil with alternating current, which can generate eddy current inside the metal object. The eddy current will produce a magnetic field, which will affect the original magnetic field and cause the detector to sound. Generally speaking, the detector sends out a kind of concussion electric wave. When the electric wave meets the metal target, it will bounce back. Moreover, the metal also has a magnetic field. The large metal object will have a large magnetic field, and the large magnetic field signal will travel a long distance. In turn, that is to say, the large metal object can go deeper than the detector, while the small metal object has a volume You get a shallow depth.

Before you buy the detector, you must understand the principle of the underground metal detector. Don't listen blindly or exaggerate.

At present, fake and inferior metal detector products in China have been rampant. Most of the metal detectors in the Chinese market are fake and inferior products, especially the magnetic wave detector of the probe disk. Some Detector Companies beat the domestic detectors made in Japan and Germany to deceive customers, which were only 2-3 meters deep, but boasted to 8-15 meters deep on the Internet. For the magnetic wave detector, the detection depth depends on the size of the object buried for a long time and the local geographical environment. The larger the object is, the deeper the object is, the smaller the object is, the shallower the detection is. The detection depth of a silver dollar is 30-60 cm, and the maximum detection depth will not exceed 6 m. (the manual and telephone address of the counterfeit product are all fake, and the counterfeiter will not provide the website of the original factory.). To purchase the imported metal detector, you need to identify the origin of the product you purchased, the import declaration form, the power of attorney of the original factory, the original factory's foreign operation CD-ROM, foreign website, foreign phone and other relevant procedures, to avoid buying counterfeit products.