Six Common Problems of Metal Safety Gate and Their Solutions

- Oct 14, 2019-

Walk through metal detector gates can prevent people with dangerous ideas from doing things that endanger the safety of others. Therefore, in major public transport places such as railway stations, airports and other places, security gates have become a common security facilities, but in the process of using metal security gates, there are often some common problems of security gates. The following editorial of Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will introduce six common problems of metal security gates and solutions in detail.

Common Problems and Solutions of walk through metal detector

1. Dispersion of objects, such as powdery and linear metals, is not easy to detect.

When installing, we must distinguish the right and left door panels, the left (4P plug), the right (3P plug), to plug firmly, can not be reverse-mounted, otherwise it is likely to cause problems. It is necessary to check whether the intensity of the check is always bright when the alarm is not alarmed, and whether the infrared counting is normal.


2. Can't boot

(1) The indicator light of the power supply is on, but the power supply in the test box is firmly plugged in. If there is no problem, it is necessary to check whether the fuse and the power supply are connected properly.

(2) The power supply indication is not bright. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the inbound air plug is firmly plugged in and whether the power supply is good.

3. Infrared counting

Check whether the infrared ray is firmly plugged in and whether the infrared head is shielded.

4. No alarm

(1)we should check whether there are interference sources around, and then try to change the frequency of crystal oscillation.

(2) Check whether infrared is normal.

5. Flow Phenomenon of Liquid Crystal Gate

Check whether the LCD plate is extruded.

6. Long time for alarm

Check whether the setting of alarm time and infrared counting are normal.

The above six are the introduction of common problems and solutions of metal security gates. When you encounter these problems, you may try to use these solutions. I hope everyone can use the security gates smoothly and correctly.