Shanghai's two local standards for safety technology prevention will soon be released

- May 16, 2018-

Recently, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision passed the two standards of "Technical Precautionary Requirements for Residential Quarters" and "Part 3: Security Inspection Requirements for Major Units" proposed by the Municipal Public Security Bureau and will be issued in the near future. This is another important measure that the Municipal Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau has helped to build the “wisdom public security”.


The "Technical Precautionary Requirements for Residential Quarters" has been implemented since 2003 and has played an important role in ensuring the safety of residential communities in this Municipality. However, with the improvement of people’s sense of security and sense of acquisition, as well as the continuous development and innovation of intelligent security products, existing standards are difficult to face complex and severe social environment, and traditional security systems are difficult to adapt to the needs of the new stage. The revision of the standard configuration table equipment is more reasonable, and the provisions of the intelligent security system, intelligent security system, intelligent integrated data service, intelligent security integrated application, etc. have been added to ensure the safety and stability of the residential community in the city and enhance the residential community. The level of safety precautions played a positive role in promoting.


The formulation of the “Key Security Service Requirements Part 3: Security Inspection” is an important measure for the relevant functional departments in the city to innovate in the management of social security. It is to increase the professionalism of security inspections, improve the quality of security services, and promptly detect and eliminate various types of security. Hidden dangers, improving the ability to prevent and respond to emergencies, and creating a good social security environment are important ways.