Shanghai Disney uses baggage x-ray machine for security check

- Jan 05, 2021-

Recently, some tourists reported that the two security check channels of Shanghai Disneyland have begun to use baggage x-ray machines to carry out security checks on the items carried by tourists. In this regard, the reporter verified with Shanghai Disney Resort. The resort spokesperson said that Shanghai Disneyland is currently using baggage X-ray machines and assisted with manual services for the security inspection process. The main content of the test includes the technical stability and efficiency of the baggage X-ray machines and feedback from tourists. During the testing process, the equipment will be continuously debugged to prepare for the purchase of more baggage X-ray machines to support security inspections in the future.


    It is understood that not all security inspection channels are currently equipped with baggage X-ray machines, and only 2 of them are equipped for testing. A new sign was also updated on the side to guide tourists to operate. The reporter learned that the current guidelines for using baggage X-ray machines to conduct security checks before entering the park are as follows: 

Step 1: Please take out all your belongings and electronic products in your bag, and place them in the basket; 

Step 2: Please take you Place your bag in another storage basket; 

Step 3: Visitors, please pass through the metal detection door to complete the security check.

According to tourists, the visitor security process of these two security check channels is similar to that of airport security check. Tourists put their carry-on items (including electronic products) and backpacks in different storage baskets, and then the tourists pass through the metal detection door to complete the security an examination. During the security check, if required by the security check personnel, the tourists then open the bag and take out the suspicious items for the security check personnel to check. In addition to these two channels, the other security check channels are still manual security checks. As for which tourists take the baggage X-ray machine channel, they are randomly allocated on site.

A spokesperson for the Shanghai Disney Resort said that the baggage X-ray machine is only used to assist the security check in the manual service. “Equipment debugging will continue during the testing process to prepare for the installation of more baggage X-ray machines to support the security check in the future.” However, Shanghai Disneyland has not yet given a specific time for adding more X-ray machines for security checks in the future.

    It is reported that in September this year, tourists and the public put forward many opinions on the security check method of Shanghai Disneyland. Subsequently, in order to minimize the impact of security inspections on the visitor experience, the park began to implement a more friendly and humane security inspection process and services since September. Visitors can open their bags during the security check. If required by the security staff, visitors can take out the suspicious items by themselves and put them back after the check.