Setting up walk through metal detector gates in schools can not only help students quit their addiction to mobile phones, but also prevent them from carrying control knives.

- Jun 05, 2019-

Students lined up at the school gate to receive an urgent notice issued by the Ministry of Education of "Security Inspection", which asked them to do a good job in preventing primary and secondary school students from indulging in network education guidance, including strengthening the management of noon and after-school hours, and standardizing students'use of mobile phones. Secondary schools hold open campus days. Last year, the school launched the "mobile phone does not go to school" initiative to help students quit "mobile phone dependence".


Every morning at 7 o'clock, the teachers on duty will be at the school gate to check the students. Students line up consciously at the school gate. Teachers on duty hold metal detectors. Students pass through the walk through metal detector security gate. If the walk through metal detector security door alarms, they use hand-held metal detectors to scan their schoolbags and whole body in turn. The scene is similar to the subway security inspection. Because of the tacit understanding between teachers and students, the inspection progress is often very fast, and a student can be checked in 5 seconds.

Wei Wengping, head teacher of the second grade of senior high school, introduced that the "mobile phone does not go to school" initiative was first aimed at senior three students. "Many parents complain to the school that their children suffer from'cell phone dependence'. Every day, they brush their cell phones till late at night and let the school help them to find ways to solve it." To this end, the school has collected a large number of cases about mobile phone addiction and neglect of school, moral education for senior three students, mobilization Conference for the first time called for no mobile phone to enter the school, and arranged for teachers to check senior three students every morning.

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Six months after the implementation of this measure, teachers and students responded well. The style of study and achievement of senior three students have been significantly improved, and the score of the college entrance examination in that year has reached a new historical high, which makes many parents of senior one and senior two students take the initiative to promote it to the whole school. Therefore, the school from the beginning of the new semester, called on the whole school students do not bring mobile phones into school.

"When there is no mobile phone in the campus, the change is very big. The children's break has changed from"brushing mobile phones"to"brushing questions". "In the past, during lunch break and class break, the children all huddled together to watch their mobile phones, unavoidably they did not listen attentively in class. Now, they will choose to go to the playground to play basketball, take a walk, or gather together to "brush the title" and chat, the learning atmosphere is stronger.

This practice has also been supported by students and parents. After entering the campus without mobile phone, he cured his "cell phone dependence" thoroughly. In the past, mobile phones were totally self-conscious. Sometimes they could not help peeping at them secretly, but now they are more focused on learning. Pan Yanjun, a student's parents, said that teenagers'self-control ability was limited. The school listed "mobile phone not going to school" as a management system to make parents more reassured.

It is reported that the school security inspection is not only to check mobile phones, but also to check lighters, knives and other items with potential safety hazards, to ensure the safety of the campus.

The school is guided by the principle of "good school atmosphere and correct style of study". It attaches great importance to moral education and strives to make every student "grow up first, then become a talent". The purpose of implementing "mobile phone does not go to school" is to standardize students'behavior, so that they can develop lifelong learning habits, not only for the college entrance examination, but also for the long-term development of the future lay a good foundation. Later, if necessary, we will also equip X-ray safety inspection equipment for students to come to school backpacks and industry safety inspection. Do not enter the campus with anything that affects students'learning and safety.