Security area market hidden dragon

- Jun 05, 2018-

For a long time, the security industry has basically focused its attention on the coastal economically developed areas, because the advantages of the security industry in the past three decades are basically in the coastal areas such as the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta, and the Bohai Rim. With the acceleration of the pace of brand development in the security industry, fewer and fewer companies are focusing on, mainly concentrated in several leading enterprises, while security companies in the Mainland have received little attention.


However, at this exhibition, the author was surprised by the interview! The security regional market can be described as a crouching tiger.

Shaanxi Xinxin Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the title sponsor of the opening night of the show. The author interviewed the company’s president Zhang Jicheng at the show. He introduced that at this exhibition, the company set up a 200-square-meter booth, which fully demonstrated the company's product system for drones and anti-unmanned aerial vehicles, robots, and single-police video and audio recorders, as well as HTL Magic Brains The HTL Public Security Law Enforcement Case Intelligent RC Management System, Public Security Integrated Management Information System Platform, Public Security Big Data Information Combat Synthetic Combat Platform and other technological breakthroughs in the current high-tech product system project. The newly launched “HTL Magic Brain” full language communication can realize simultaneous translation of 34 languages including Chinese, English, Russian, German, Japanese, French, Korean and Arabic, and urgently solves government affairs, tourism, business, and public service languages. International issues.


After careful analysis, you will find that most of the products developed by Yuxin Technology are "unpopular" technological innovation products. I have seen a particularly acute picture of the Hong Kong police. The police took great pains and finally paid attention to the dagger, which they thought could finally be brought to justice. Before the trial, something unexpected happened: When the police sent someone to the physical evidence center to extract the suspect's key physical evidence, they were sent by the gangsters as police officers to take the step and destroy it. In the end, due to lack of evidence, the court chief declared an innocence and the police in charge collapsed on the spot. It shows that the Hong Kong police with relatively advanced technology and management also have loopholes in the management of physical evidence.


Today, there is finally "black technology" to solve this loophole. The “HTL Public Security Law Enforcement Case Smart RC Management System” independently researched and developed by Haoxin Technology centered on the five core elements of “people, things, cases, police, and affairs” to create a “handling case center, property management center, case management center, and law enforcement code”. The five-in-one full-service management system realizes comprehensive control over a series of law enforcement elements such as personnel, cases, files, and supervision, which greatly improves the level of information and intelligence in handling cases. With this system, there will no longer be the appearance of physical evidence and file fraud, because even if the investigators are unable to access these important physical evidence and files alone, because each procedure has strict monitoring and prevention, to ensure that everything is safe .

Xi'an Xiangxun Technology is also a local company in Xi'an. At this exhibition, it not only displayed the industry-leading "Xueliang project" plan of Xiangxun, but also demonstrated the drone defense system of the "black-flying" drone.



In recent years, the "black fly" phenomenon of drones has become more and more frequent, which has brought huge security risks to aviation safety and the security of large-scale activities. In response to this demand, Xiang Xun independently developed and launched the "Guardian" UAV defense system. The system is different from the “anti-UAV system” launched by many companies in the past. He Bo, the research and development director of Xiangxun, told the author that “the so-called drone defense system is based on radio frequency spectrum detection, low-altitude radar detection, and sonar detection. Convergence realizes large-scale, long-distance detection and early warning.” After the system receives the warning information, the photoelectric equipment (visible light + infrared thermal imaging) detects and scans the pre-warning area, and after discovering the UAV from the optical point of view and locking it, the linked interference The equipment will be tracked and the alarm information, image display and near-distance display will be displayed on the platform. If security personnel dispose of drones, such as driving away or landing.


Qingdao-based Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., an exhibiting company from Shandong, exhibited a security robot named "Warwolf" at the exhibition. “In addition to the basic patrol and deployment functions, this robot is also equipped with weapons and equipment, and is equipped with expulsions, alarms, and reconnaissance functions. At the same time, the equipment area is also equipped with temperature sensors and fire-fighting equipment, and encountered small fire sources. It is also possible to extinguish fires in an emergency.” In this way, “War Wolf” can not only attack, but also guard. In addition to the "war wolf" security robot, the general market intelligence manager Zheng Xingxing also introduced to the author an advanced self-checking machine called the "alarm police", this self-service examination machine looks like a telephone booth, inside With a built-in monitoring, detection and camera system, through the simple operation of the touch screen, the physical examination requirements in the “Regulations on the Application and Use of Motor Vehicle Driving Licenses” can be fulfilled. The whole process is fast and efficient, and can be completed in three minutes.


Xi'an Silian Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a Shaanxi local enterprise dedicated to building intelligence. At this year's event, Quad-Intelligent has exclusively exhibited an advanced comprehensive pipe gallery monitoring and alarm system solution. The underground comprehensive pipe corridor is a major project that guarantees the orderly operation of cities and improves the overall carrying capacity of cities. Yan Jianying, deputy general manager of Silian Intelligence, told the author that the underground pipe gallery is humid and the environment is harsh. Therefore, the product has strict requirements and the entire system is expensive. Based on years of experience in building intelligent design and construction, Silian Intelligence has taken the lead in R&D in China to launch an integrated management and monitoring platform for integrated pipeline monitoring and alarm systems with independent intellectual property rights. This platform adopts GIS+BIM technology to realize real-time visualization inside and outside the corridor. Monitoring management. In October 2017, Quad-Intelligent signed a contract with China Railway for 138 million yuan in Jingdezhen underground comprehensive pipe corridor monitoring and alarm system.

At the exhibition, the author also interviewed an exhibitor from Zhengzhou - Zhengzhou Xinda Jie'an Information Technology Co., Ltd. Xiao Long Long, senior manager of IDG's products and solutions, told the author that XindaJian is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development of security chip design and cloud security platform, and providing mobile/insurance information security services. It is the leading mobile Internet and Internet of Things in China. Security solutions and major providers of security products and security services. The company has successively participated in the development of mobile information security standards and regulations in various industries such as the Ministry of Public Security, the State Secrecy Bureau, and the State Grid. It is one of the three companies that the Ministry of Public Security has the qualification for the construction of a mobile policing security system. Based on the self-developed series of national security chips, XindaJianan built the “Basic Public Security Platform for Mobile Intelligent Terminal Technology Service Platform” (abbreviation: Public Safety Service Platform) of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and relied on “core” and “cloud”. Formed the "security chip research and development + cloud security platform support + information security services," the entire industry chain, the "national secret office security solutions" has been in the public security, fire protection, taxation, prosecutors, courts, industry and commerce, finance, discipline inspection commission, national territory More than 20 government affairs areas have been well-applied. Currently, DaJian has more than 700 employees.


Among the above companies, three are Shaanxi local companies, one is a Zhengzhou company, and one Qingdao company is from a regional market that is not of concern.


The author believes that in the regional security market, crouching tigers, their swords are slanting, and even in some technical areas even in the industry-leading level.


The security industry is the time to pay attention to them.