Secrets in the door frame metal detector gate

- Oct 24, 2019-

Secrets in the door frame metal detector gate

In order to ensure flight safety, security check is an important part of every passenger's travel by civil aviation airliner. It is believed that such a process is already familiar to passengers - before passengers enter the airport isolation area, their luggage should pass the inspection of the security instrument, and their bodies should pass the door frame metal detector gates, and then the security inspector holding the scanner will carry out a more detailed inspection.


In this process, as a "safety barrier", door frame metal detector gate plays an important role. So, what kind of function does such a door have? What is the development trend of security gate design in the future? The R & D personnel of the design team of millimeter wave human 3D scanning imaging security gate, 35 Institutes of CASIC, introduced the mystery to the reporter.

In two seconds, we'll be able to find the "hidden object"

In recent years, the domestic security inspection is more and more strict, which always causes people's hot discussion. Restrictions on a wide range of security regulations will make some passengers feel impatient, and more and more "transparent" security technology will also make privacy conscious passengers angry. How can strict regulations maximize passengers' boarding experience while "protecting" aviation safety? Many airports began to introduce and use new equipment and adopt new methods for security inspection. The application of 3D scanning products is one of the trends.