Science and Technology Help Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Creat Wisdom Public Securit

- Jun 05, 2018-

Under the “Internet Plus” background, strengthening the construction of information, realizing the scientific information of government affairs, innovating the supervision methods, and creating a smart and service-oriented government have become the unspoken targets for government agencies at all levels. Recently, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau formally launched Jieshun Technology's tailor-made “City Card” system, which fully realized the functions of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau’s smart pedestrians, smart car dealers, the park’s consumer card, and employees’ facial access. Established a new benchmark of "Wisdom Public Security".


Intelligently identify visitor crime information

It is understood that the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau's card system consists of access control, access, consumption, parking, and ladder control subsystems. It uses Jieshun technology license plate recognition, face recognition, financial payment, ICT technology, and cloud technology to achieve separation control of people and vehicles. It is an intelligent system that integrates security management, automatic control, visitor invitation, face attendance, etc., with active security protection.


It integrates a complete safety management and permit system, and connects various terminal devices such as visitor machines, POS machines, mobile phone APPs, and CPU work cards of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, effectively opening up internal OA systems, police cloud platforms, and public security crimes. Subsystems such as libraries, multi-systems, and multi-terminal linkages form a working pattern of “one center, one platform, multiple systems, pan-awareness, and pan-applications” and create a smart park environment under the “Internet+” background.


It is worth mentioning that the Public Security Human Face Comparison Library provides a crime library comparison interface to achieve face-to-face security comparison of the visitor channel and retrieve personnel safety/hazard levels. If the returned result is of a dangerous level, the system will automatically alarm (channel gate voice Whistling alarm, LCD full-screen flashing red).


Jieshun science and technology related responsible person said that Jieshun technology and Shenzhen public security system have many years of cooperation experience, this time for the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau customized card system, one-time solution to the long-disturbed people's car in Shenzhen Public Security Bureau mixed, The internal and external personnel and vehicles mainly rely on multiple management problems such as manual management and internal and external system faults, effectively implementing functions such as split management of people and vehicles, intelligent control of employees' access to and exit from employees, and “one card” for banned attendance at internal departments, significantly improving the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. The efficiency of work, the safety and convenience of the work environment, and the interoperability and transparency of information.


Brushing his face and “indifferent” into and out of the Public Security Bureau

It is understood that after the “City Card” system is officially launched, employees of the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau will be able to use the face/two-dimensional code/cell phone NFC/card access, face/mobile NFC/card attendance to achieve employee access security certification In terms of vehicle management, the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau yard management system registered the vehicle information of insiders, and the license plate number was used as the only entry and exit vouchers to achieve license plate recognition and “non-intelligence”.


While facilitating internal staffing, the system has also greatly improved visitor access and vehicle traffic efficiency. “In the past, I visited the Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau. At least we need to queue at the scene for more than half an hour. Now we can complete it through the Jieshun One Card System within a few minutes.” A regular guest of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau told the reporter.


According to reports, currently visitors to Shenzhen Public Security Bureau can pay attention to the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau WeChat public number in advance and submit a visit application to make an appointment. They are not concerned about the visitors of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau WeChat public number and can be on the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau Visitor Hall self-service visitor machine. Scan the QR code to register visitor information and make an appointment to visit. After passing the approval, the visitor can enter the park through the channel gate face recognition/brush ID/two-dimensional code to fully realize the unmanned “wisdom public security” management mode.


Visitor vehicles need to register and pass the internal police public network APP registration, and can use the license plate number license plate to identify and enter the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. Unregistered and audited visitor vehicles, the system has set up the license plate recognition verification guest permission, and is not allowed to enter the park. .


The relevant person in charge of the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau stated that Jieshun Technology's “Card System” system assisted the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau’s “wisdom public security” construction, allowing the traditional policing model to shift to a modern policing model and making the service model more accurate and efficient. "Cloud support" provides precise, push, hidden, risk, and alert information to the police, and the disposal is more accurate and accurate.