School walk through Metal Detector Security Gate to Prevent Campus Violence

- Jul 05, 2019-

In recent years, there are often news about school violence on the Internet. School violence will not only injure a person's body, but also destroy a person's spirit. In order to stop school violence, the metal detection security gate has entered the campus.


School metal detection security gates and school X-ray security machines make safety detection for school safety, which can not only prevent students from carrying control knives, but also help students to get rid of mobile phone addiction. The exterior of the school security inspection door is painted PVC, with aluminium alloy pillars on the edge. It is rain-proof, fire-proof and collision-proof. It won't scratch. Stand in the middle of the door and pat the door panels on both sides with your hands. The door won't be misreported. It can work normally in the open air (rainy land) without shelter. School X-ray security machine can be used to check whether students'bags and luggage are carrying prohibited items. School metal detection security gate and school X-ray security machine can also carry out security checks on visitors for campus safety and further be guaranteed.

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