Related knowledge of free-fall metal separator

- Nov 30, 2017-

Fall-type metal separators are generally equipped with automatic stripping device, so used to call falling metal separator, or metal separator.


Metal separator on the product packaging requirements can not contain metal, but considering the sealing, avoid the light of the higher requirements, the metal composite membrane must be used for packaging. Metal composite film itself is metal, so with the channel-type metal separator, detection sensitivity will have a large deviation, or even detection. In view of the above reasons, you can choose to test before packaging. The falling metal separator is developed for the above situation and is mainly used for testing of tablets, capsules and granular (plastic particles), powder-like items. When these items fall through the falling metal separator, once the metal impurities are detected, the system immediately starts the separation mechanism to exclude suspicious items. With simple installation, high sensitivity, convenient maintenance, high efficiency, stable and reliable characteristics.