Professional metal detector manufacturer for fruit and vegetable industry

- May 05, 2019-

Summary: Fruit and vegetable processing is through a variety of processing technology, fruit and vegetable to achieve long-term preservation, at any time access purposes. In the process of processing, it is possible to maintain its nutrient composition and improve its edible value; the types of edible fungi are salted, boiled, quick-frozen, dried, freeze-dried, and expanded mushrooms, seasoned mushrooms, pastries, etc. Most of the soybean products are processed with soybeans, mung beans, peas, broad beans and other beans as the main raw materials. Most of the processed foods are soybean products. Bean curd and its re-products solidified from soybean milk. Nuts and seed products are mainly manually or mechanically removed from the shell of the fruit to produce national kernels, such as peanuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.

Application scenario analysis:

1. Dehydrated vegetable: It can be divided into dried vegetable and frozen vegetable. According to the customer's situation, online metal detectors can be used. It can also be inspected after vegetable processing and packaging. The size of the inspection channel is determined by the size of the product being inspected. The choice of working frequency is also determined according to the characteristics of the product. If the production line is produced, automatic rejection device can also be selected. To provide production efficiency;

2. Quick-frozen vegetables: divided into vertical freezing and block freezing, block freezing detection accuracy is better, while standing freezing due to poor uniformity, detection effect is poor. For Yingfeng brand metal detector, the effect of quick-frozen vegetable is generally acceptable, and the freeze-proof is not much, so the product effect is not very big when used, and the impact of detection is not great.

3. Canned fruits and vegetables and fruit juices: Glass cans can be detected by metal detector before being covered, but after being covered or metal cans can not be detected, juices can be detected by fluid metal detector.

4. Bean products: dry bean products such as tofu bamboo, soybean protein and other products have little effect, generally can get better detection results, wet beans such as tofu, dried beans, curd, bean paste and so on because the products have water and salt, have certain conductivity, product effect is bigger, interference to metal detection is bigger, the effect is not very good. Freeze state detection is still possible, but not at room temperature or high temperature, but soybean protein powder is a food additive with high detection accuracy. Free fall detection machine can be used for powder products detection, and horizontal metal detection machine can be used for large package detection.

5. Nuts and seeds: They can be divided into bulk material testing and packaging testing. If bulk material testing is done, online metal detectors or an integrated machine can be installed in the middle or the end of the production process. Automatic removal devices can be selected to improve production efficiency, which can be determined according to the actual situation. Packaging testing is usually done by an integrated machine metal testing and the size is customized according to the requirements.