Prison security gates make prison supervision more convenient

- Apr 12, 2019-

At present, the social system is becoming more and more perfect. For prisons, it is not as horrible as we see in TV dramas. On the contrary, prisons themselves have become a small society, which has jobs, life and so on, and has become a "small society" with walls. It seems more and more human. So what's the reason for installing security gates in prisons?


First of all, although many conditions are already very few, it is not excluded that extremists may carry metal contraband such as razor blades and wire, which poses a threat to themselves or others. Then installing prison security gates can detect such metal contraband and avoid tragedy.

Secondly, the family members who enter the prison or other persons who enter or leave the prison can also check the metal articles carried by the security gate to ensure the safety of the people who enter or leave the prison.

We hope that crime will be fewer and fewer. We also hope that the prison security gates will be used only as a kind of "ornament". We hope that the society will be more and more harmonious. As a manufacturer of prison security gates, Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. aims to create an intelligent security world. For 15 years, it has specialized in producing prison security gates, metal detection gates, metal security gates, security screens, X-ray security screens, hand-held metal detectors, etc. It is well received by the vast number of new and old customers. Price of prison security gates is favorable, and you are welcome to purchase them.