Precautions for using metal detectors

- Nov 30, 2017-

Indoor Test and precautions
(1) Take the Watch, ring, and other jewellery with you and put the detector on a wooden or plastic table.

(2) Adjust the angle of the probe plate to make the disk face parallel with the ceiling.
Note: Do not test the detector on the floor of the building. Because most building floors have metal presence, they interfere with the tested object or completely confuse the signal.

(3) Move a sample of the material you want to test (e.g. a gold ring or coin) at a distance of about 5 centimeters from the probe disk.

The probe disk does not detect a stationary object because you do not use a probe to scan it, so you have to move the tested object. If you can use coins to test them, the plane that holds the coins (not the edges) makes them parallel to the probe disk, which is easier to detect.

Outdoor testing and use.

(1) Looking for an area without metal outside.

(2) Put the sample you want to probe (such as gold ring or coins) on the ground, (if you are using precious metals such as gold to test, the place to do a good job to mark the area for later easy to find.) Do not put the sample on high vegetation or tree cover.

(3) Handheld detector, so that the probe disk parallel to the ground 2.5-5 cm, in the sample area of the slow movement of the probe plate for edge (left and right) search.