Positive Role of Food Metal Detector in Food Detection

- Jul 16, 2019-

Food metal detector is widely used in frozen food, fresh aquatic products, pasta meat, food additives, condiments, dried fresh vegetables and fruits, bread and cakes, instant food, drugs, toys, clothing, footwear, plastics and other industries. It is effective to detect metal impurities such as stainless steel, iron, copper and lead that are leaked into raw materials or products. It plays an active role in safeguarding people's health and exporting products safely.


Functional characteristics:

1. Using advanced high-tech technology, the detector has high sensitivity, good stability and strong anti-interference.

2. The body of special metal detector for food industry adopts stainless steel structure, which has beautiful appearance and rust-proof, and is easy to clean. Conveyor belts and other parts in contact with food conform to the US Food FDA and USD hygiene standards.

3. Metal detector can be equipped with stepless speed regulation of conveying speed or automatic cleaning device for unqualified products according to actual needs.

4. In order to configure it for use in the conveyor, the height of the machine is reduced and the operation is convenient. It can operate independently or at the same time with the flowing water conveyor.

5. Can choose to detect super-thin objects (including accessories) and thick objects;

6. It has light-controlled automatic alarm and automatic adjustment, startup and rewinding device.