Overall prevention and control measures for foreign body detection

- Jun 03, 2019-

After analyzing the source of foreign bodies, we can take overall preventive and control measures to prevent the same situation from happening again.


Preventive measures should be taken in advance for the items in the workshop. Workshop logo or tools, facilities and equipment should be as far as possible to avoid falling off, easily lost parts, to prevent mixing in or polluting products.

Foreign body control needs the combination of hardware and management, and "prevention" is the main way to minimize the possibility of mixing. "Reduce the source and control the source" is the main method, supplemented by inspection (manual selection), detection (metal detector, X-ray machine, etc.).

Full participation is the key to quality assurance. The previous violations or foreign object hidden dangers did not cause a customer complaint, which does not mean that it will not happen in the future. Once found, it should be corrected in time.

Establish the handover record of workshop tools, check and check the tools used on duty every day, and check whether they are complete. If there is any problem, stop production investigation immediately until thorough investigation.

Operators entering the production site must change their tooling and shoes when entering the workshop, and when leaving the workshop, they must change them and put them in the dressing room. No dressing room is allowed to wear them. The dressing room should be equipped with sterilizing lights to sterilize the tooling and shoes.

All kinds of cleaning tools used in the workshop shall not be used outside the workshop. At the end of each day's production in the workshop, all tools and appliances should be placed at designated locations.

To formulate corresponding reward measures for foreign body detection, and gradually form a part of the management system, making it an indispensable part of our daily production management.

Form rules and regulations for relevant requirements, post them in a striking position, train new recruits before entering the post, and regularly publicize the operators.

Strengthen the management of impurities and foreign bodies in raw material warehouse workshop, such as waste cartons, waste plastic bags, waste ropes and labels left after taking out raw materials, must be cleaned at any time, keep clean and tidy, let alone mix into the next process.

Strengthen the safety and hygiene management of the workshop, carry out timely inspections, and eliminate potential unsafe health hazards in time. Such as: flying insects killing, hair control, latex gloves control, broken tools control, workshop report paper control, workshop wall paper control, regional and thorough cleaning of lamp tube, bulb burst, unsafe products will be scrapped.