Origin of Underground Metal Detector

- Sep 24, 2019-

How on earth did the underground metal detector derive from it? Now let's talk about it in detail by Xiaobian.

Underground metal detector is actually a kind of metal detector, but it has better ability of underground detection than metal detector. In industrial times, metal detectors were invented for mining minerals.


Under the relatively backward scientific and technological conditions at that time, metal detectors could not accurately detect metals. Because the underground soil is thicker, and there are many minerals, rocks and minerals in the soil itself, and these substances also have the ability to block the magnetic field, so sometimes it may not be what we need to find. Look for the metal, but the metal detector also reacts. According to the results of the metal detector to mine or find metal, sometimes can not get the expected results and benefits.

However, the emergence of underground metal detectors is a good solution to this problem. There is a detector in the instrument. There are three groups of coils in the detector. The division of labor is different. After they are combined, the work can be done well. One set of coils is responsible for sending signals and the other two sets of coils are responsible for receiving signals. These three sets of coils play an extremely important role in the detector.

The electromagnetic wave of a certain frequency is emitted by the transmitting coil and enters the receiving coil to form an inductive magnetic field. When the underground metal detector is started, the electromagnetic field starts to work, and when the metal appears in the electromagnetic field, it will cut off the induction line, and the electromagnetic field can not form a loop, which causes the detector to give an alarm, then it shows that there may be metal in the underground.

It can be said that the underground metal detector is more suitable for underground exploration than the metal detector, and the exploration scope is wide, can go deep underground, and its resolution for metal detection is far superior to the ordinary metal detector. So whether it is mining minerals or archaeological exploration, the use of underground metal detectors is undoubtedly the best choice.