Open safe passage for life Never ignore airport walk through security doors

- May 17, 2018-

With the development of society and the convenience of transportation, traveling by plane has become an extremely common way of travel. However, while traveling by plane, there are many unpleasant experiences as well as convenience. There are generally four customs clearances at airports. The first is document verification; the second is the  arch metal detector security check door; followed by hand inspection; the last one is the X-ray baggage inspection. One of the most mentioned is the use of security doors, which is the airport security.


If there is no security check, then there are two problems


The first is the issue of order. Through a door, passengers can be consciously queued up, without having to organize and laboriously. This will not only save the airport’s manpower and material resources, but also allow visitors to register step by step without having to mess around. If you make a mistake, you can easily delay boarding time.


Second, some visitors wearing a sunhat entered the walk-through metal detector and opened their hats. They had hidden pets inside -- turtles; some passengers closed their lips and went through security checks and asked him questions. He could not answer. Originally, The old smoker wanted to smoke before boarding the plane and hid the lighter in his mouth... Thousands of air travelers passing through the security check every day. The items they carried were also strange. The indication of the warning light can be extinguished and a close inspection can be performed to find out the metal source and be used as a reference test.


Before passing the security check gate, the main purpose is to ensure the safety of aviation, but also to ensure the safety of passengers, the airport must carry out a security inspection this link, and in this link, the security door has played a very important role Through the initial value setting of the door frame metal detector, the shape and weight of the metal are controlled. When the metal carried by the person passing through the archway metal detector security gate exceeds the set weight, quantity, or metal object shape, the pre-equipment data does not match. The security inspection door alarm is triggered so that the security personnel can promptly discover the metal articles that the person carries.


The working principle and the radiation problems it brings


What is the working principle of the security door that provides technical convenience for the staff and provides life support for passengers? In fact, the security door is generated by the crystal oscillator 3.5-4.95M sinusoidal oscillation, divided by a frequency divider is about 7.6K sine wave, after the transistor and the coil for power amplification input the door plate large coil electromagnetic emission, from the door 1-6 Area coils receive separately. After receiving, the received signal is compared with the reference signal. After the change is detected, the output level of the acquisition card is changed. The CPU scans the data of the 6-bit acquisition card in 280 milliseconds to determine the location of the metal and output the display.


Because of the launch of electromagnetic waves, many people are also very concerned about the issue of radiation. Many pregnant women and friends often ask, Is it safe for pregnant women to pass the airport security check? Is the security door really radiant? In fact, there are mandatory regulations in the country. In order to ensure the safety of the inspected personnel and operating personnel, the magnetic induction intensity of pass-through metal detection gates is strictly enforced in the Chinese National Standard GB15210-2003 General Specifications for Pass-through Metal Detection Doors. limit. The metal detector used by passengers at the airport uses a low-frequency electromagnetic field to check that there are no metal objects. Anything that generates or uses electricity, such as power lines or household appliances, generates electromagnetic fields.


It is safe for everyone from such low-level metal detectors, including expectant mothers. If the human body had no problem with a security check once or twice a day, the same applies to pregnant women. However, this does not mean that security doors are completely free of radiation, but only a very small amount of radiation. There are no large mobile phones and they are smaller than computers and televisions.


Many people mistakenly believe that these scanning machines use X-rays, but they are not. The X-ray machines at the airport are the same as the X-rays you use to see your teeth and are only used to check baggage.


Although there is no clear restriction on pregnant women not flying, pregnant women are prone to accidents such as premature birth, miscarriage, and fetal intrauterine hypoxia during flight and travel, so pregnant women try to fly as little as possible.


Airport security doors have advantages and disadvantages


First, the security gates used by the airport to ensure the safety of passengers on board are also unsatisfactory. Not only do they not make passengers feel safer, but they also waste a lot of time and their dignity will be offended. Sometimes they feel like animals. It was dragged away to ask for undressing. It was touched and touched to check if there was a plastic bomb inside the underwear. Recently, the United States has used new perspective machines to allow many people to question their privacy has been violated.


Second, there are more and more bans, no reading of e-books, no use of PDAs, mobile phones, etc., which require excessive service charges, but very few services, as well as the time the aircraft took off and landed; the noise of television shows is too loud. , which interferes with passengers being unable to read or talk quietly; or it is difficult to carry the luggage compartment into the luggage compartment of the cabin, causing passengers to feel very headaches.


Obviously, airport security is the most annoying problem for passengers. How to solve this problem can be considered as a key point for airports to consider. The choice of security gates is very important. In the future security inspections, if it can speed up security inspections, Speed also saves passengers' time. Perhaps the experience will be better. Since airport security is relatively strict, the sensitivity of airport security gates is relatively high. This requires that when passengers cross the security gate, they should try to remove all metal objects such as belts and keys. Produce unnecessary misunderstandings.