One belt, one road, Zambia airport security check.

- Apr 07, 2020-

One belt, one road, Zambia airport security check.

"One belt, one road" provides a new path and direction for global governance. In today's world, there are more and more challenges and risks. The economic growth is weak, the kinetic energy is insufficient, the impact of the financial crisis is still fermenting, the development gap is increasingly prominent, "black swan" events occur frequently, trade protectionism tends to rise, "anti globalization" ideological trend is surging, regional turbulence continues, and terrorism spreads. The serious challenges of peace deficit, development deficit and governance deficit are in front of all mankind. This fully shows that the existing global governance system has structural problems, and it is urgent to find new solutions and strategies.

As an emerging power, China has the ability, willingness and responsibility to contribute wisdom and strength to the improvement of global governance system. One belt, one road to China, is to build a common destiny of mankind and to achieve win-win results.

The Addis Ababa Djibouti railway, the first electrified railway in Africa opened in October 2016, and the Mombasa Nairobi railway opened in May 2017, have become the two most influential century projects undertaken by China in the African continent, which have been praised by many African countries and known as "the road of friendship and cooperation" and "the road of prosperity and development". The one belt, one road, is a road of cooperation, and a road of hope and win-win.


In this China Africa cooperation in construction, international friends have finally selected the vehicle security inspection system of Nanjing soan, including aoteng vehicle bottom anti hiding scanning imaging system and intelligent anti-terrorism anti-collision road block system, after comparing various products and investigating the actual plant area for the construction projects of airports in Zambia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Nigeria.

When the vehicle passes through the vehicle bottom scanning equipment, and the dangerous goods such as drugs, guns, ammunition, weapons or illegal smuggled goods or even suspicious persons are identified at the bottom of the vehicle, the anti-terrorism roadblock machine equipment shall be raised quickly to intercept the vehicles, so as to prevent the dangerous vehicles from forcibly entering the airport and thus affect the internal safety of the airport.

With the anti hiding scanning and imaging system of Suzhou aoteng, the vehicle security inspection efficiency of civil aviation in Africa such as Ndola airport in Zambia will be greatly improved, and the time waste and personnel negligence caused by manual inspection will be reduced. At the same time, the intelligent anti-terrorism anti-collision roadblock system can effectively deter and intercept the vehicles to be closed, which greatly protects the safety of the airport.

One belt, one road, is being actively pursued by the Suzhou Aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to strengthen the international exchanges and build a road of friendship and cooperation.