Non-perceived face-pass - Face recognition integrated swing barrier gate release

- May 10, 2018-

In the past, the access control system for personnel access and personnel identity security management, such as access control card swipes, fingerprints in and out, enterprises and institutions credit card, fingerprint attendance, etc., is still in a large number of traditional methods of security manpower management, there is low efficiency, can not confirm its true identity, etc. Problems and inadequacies, and many of the interested persons have deceived the system but did not notice it by creating high-fidelity fingerprint fingerprints and copying the cards. There are certain security risks. Now, these problems will become past tense.


AoTeng Technology has launched a comprehensive face recognition integrated swing gate system that is more convenient, accurate, and safe than swiping cards and fingerprints, which not only improves the efficiency of the entrance and exit areas, but also brings great convenience, and effectively increases the safety of people entering and leaving the company. Management security and accuracy.



Most importantly, the Aoteng Face Recognition Integrated Swing Gate can accurately, quickly, and efficiently perform face recognition, truly making it imperceptible. In other words, in the entrance and exit areas, we do not need to deliberately stop, and do not need additional actions, we can enter the access control casually, casually, as if no one enters the world to enjoy.


Aoteng face recognition integrated swing barrier gate, also face recognition access control + face attendance, combined into two, the system reuse face recognition access control records, through the software or platform to achieve online attendance.


The difference from market face attendance is that face recognition possesses the core algorithm capability of biometrics technology and can be biologically counterfeit. Once the face image or face video is identified, the system cannot verify it, eradicate the generation identification, and perform the attendance verification. The phenomenon of “face is not correct” improves the reliability of attendance and the ability to control people’s access. It fundamentally solves the shortcomings of the release of traditional manual verification parts, the inability of human counterfeit verification, and inaccurate attendance information.


Face recognition integrated swing gate, system architecture is simple, easy to deploy. Can access the platform or software through the IP network, but also through the WEB to achieve basic equipment configuration; can be networked to run, but also stand-alone management, through the docking with the platform to achieve the overall access control card cooperation, greatly enhance the security within the control area, Protective.


System advantage

1:N comparison, accurate and efficient

Based on depth face recognition algorithm, it can accurately locate more than 360 key points of the target face, and provide 1:10000 face recognition capabilities;


Second brush face, no perception

The face recognition algorithm can quickly collect face information, and the user can authenticate only by swiping his face (accuracy ≥ 99%, 1:N ratio ≤ 0.5S/person), and the response speed and ease of use are greatly improved. Let pass without perception;


Face attendance, biological anti-counterfeiting

Multiplex face recognition access control records, implement platform or software online face attendance; support biological anti-counterfeiting, eliminate previous defects in the punch card mode, generation identification, generation attendance defects, help purify the workplace;


Front-end face recognition, immediate response

It is not affected by the network delay. The face data and opening permission are sent to the front of the device. Face recognition is fast and timeliness is high.


Offline offline, no stress

Support offline door open, network interruption or platform downtime will not affect normal door opening service.


An era of access to the face has come!

The face recognition integrated swing gate system integrates the non-perceived access control and access control management into a face recognition channel management system that can be widely used in the management of buildings, parks, communities, construction sites, government enterprises, public institutions, etc. Security raises a higher demand scenario; through face recognition, the swing gate effectively enables accurate identification of non-inductive traffic, hierarchical management of security personnel, and management of inbound and outbound personnel.