Nine units dual view X-ray machines for luggage inspection appear at Ningbo Airport

- Nov 08, 2019-

Recently, Ningbo Lishe International Airport invested more than 7 million yuan to introduce 9 units dual view X-ray security inspection machines to comprehensively update the old equipment used in the security inspection station. At present, these devices have been put into use and operate well, and the speed of passenger over inspection has increased significantly, which marks that Ningbo security inspection has officially entered the era of 2.0.

It is understood that the portable luggage security equipment used in Ningbo airport security check station has been used for 14 years since 2002. In order to cope with the increasingly severe air defense security situation, Ningbo Airport Group has introduced the more advanced dual perspective security check equipment at home and abroad through multiple comparisons and investigations. Compared with the old equipment, the new equipment has the characteristics of clear image quality, stable operation and fast baggage transmission.


According to the security inspection equipment maintenance personnel of Ningbo airport security inspection and guard branch, this equipment update is carried out without affecting the passenger's over inspection. Such a large-scale replacement has created a precedent in Ningbo civil aviation. The equipment maintenance personnel said that the difficulty, technical requirements and risks of the update are high. Once failed, the security inspection process will be affected and passengers will be stranded. For this reason, the engineering and technical personnel of the branch company have formulated a thorough emergency plan. On the basis of specially invited technical experts of the manufacturer to train the personnel in the operation and use of the equipment, overtime work and careful deployment are carried out. The equipment is installed and debugged after the flight, and the equipment is updated in only 7 days, laying a foundation for the security work of the G20 summit.

Dual view security inspection equipment can obtain two high-performance angle images at the same time to avoid the problem of missing inspection of contraband in single view equipment due to angle relationship. It can obtain more appearance and material information, and can effectively improve the accuracy of automatic detection of explosives and contraband. At the same time, the dual view security inspection equipment can provide two 1080p Full HD, 120Hz dynamic digital display, professional experience, which can improve the use experience of security inspection personnel, so that the map is more accurate and the passing rate is higher. In addition, because it is a two-way operation, if there is a fault in the use process, the other way can not affect the use.