New technology of face recognition security inspection system will be popularized in an all-round way

- Apr 04, 2019-

The Seminar on civil aviation security inspection in the Central-South region sponsored by the Academy of Civil Aviation Science and Technology of China was held at Zhengzhou Airport. Longjiang, Secretary of the Public Security Bureau of the Central-south Regional Administration of Civil Aviation, Zhang Dawei, Deputy Secretary of the Henan Supervision Bureau of Civil Aviation, and representatives of 26 airport security inspection agencies from the Central-South region of Civil Aviation attended


The representatives of Zhangjiajie Airport, Yichang Airport and Luoyang Airport who are the top three security agencies in the central and southern region of China Civil Aviation introduced the ideas and methods of civil aviation security management. The aviation academy, Zhengzhou Airport, Guangzhou Airport, Shenzhen Airport and Haihang Airport Training College introduced the research of airport area-wide security system, new security doors and face recognition system. Advanced experience in technical trial, aircraft monitoring, emergency handling of security incidents on site and training of aviation security personnel was also discussed. The participants visited the safety system process of Zhengzhou Airport and gave high comments.


Since Shenzhen Airport first used the face recognition system, it has played an obvious role in ensuring aviation safety and improving security efficiency. In this system, more than 300 Zhengzhou Airport have begun to install the face recognition system on the security channel and have carried out field tests. At present, the technology is being improved and prepared. It is expected that the security inspection of Zhengzhou Airport will be carried out. The channel is fully promoted.