More than 10,000 dangerous goods simulation guns collected in rail transit security inspection

- Apr 11, 2019-

According to the Morning News, flammable liquids are stored in hot water bottles, long knives are worn in "waistcoats" and sticks are changed. Reporters learned from the Municipal Railway Traffic Corps yesterday that from January to April this year, rail traffic security inspection collected more than 10,000 dangerous goods, including nearly 60 simulated guns, more than 600 controlled knives, 7 people were detained for carrying dangerous goods, and 8 security inspectors were dismissed for failing to perform their duties.

Scissors, simulation guns, bows and crossbows, abandoned bullets... Controlled knives and simulated firearms collected this year have filled a long table about 56 square meters in size. The police picked up an insignificant "stick" and twisted it open to show that the stick was hollow. There was a knife about half a meter long hidden inside. "This lethality is very great, if the illegal elements take the subway, the consequences are unimaginable." According to the police, since this year, more than 100 million pieces (bags) have been inspected and more than 10,000 dangerous goods have been collected, including 80 litres of gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, 60,000 firecrackers, 300 pieces of fireworks and bamboos, 80 litres of banana water, paint and alcohol, more than 600 control tools, nearly 60 simulation guns and some discarded bullets.

In order to evade security inspection, the camouflage technology of contraband has been constantly "renovated". Police found that many passengers knew they were carrying contraband goods, but tried to avoid security checks by hiding and other means. In addition to the long knife wearing "waistcoat" to "stick", passengers wrapped the paint bucket with their coats, and passengers filled flammable liquids into hot water bottles. These are based on the "golden eyes" of the security inspectors, which were found during manual sampling.