Ministry of Public Security Requires Strict Prevention of Serious Violent Crimes on Subway Buses

- Apr 06, 2019-

In view of the recent successive cases of arson on buses in a few places, the Ministry of Public Security convened an emergency video conference of the national public security organs on the afternoon of July 16 to further strengthen the security of Metro buses. Huang Ming, Deputy Minister of public security, demanded that local public security organs earnestly implement the important directive spirit of the central leading comrades, put the security work of metro public transport in a more prominent position, jointly with transport and other departments, effectively strengthen the safety precautions of metro public transport, strictly implement the responsibility of security work, conduct in-depth investigation and management of potential safety hazards, widely mobilize mass prevention and mass control, and severely crack down on them. We should prevent serious violent crimes committed by Metro buses and ensure the safety of people's lives and property. For those who commit serious violent crimes or carry dangerous articles such as explosions on Metro buses and are ready to commit crimes, decisive measures should be taken to resolutely crack down on them and severely punish them according to law, and they should never be soft-handed. Taking the subway and public transport as the targets, serious violent crimes such as violent terrorism and personal extremity are carried out, which seriously endanger public safety.


The Ministry of Public Security requires that local public security organs should adopt * resolute attitude and * vigorous measures to quickly form a situation of stringent strikes, strict prevention and strict control. We should upgrade the level of prevention and control in an all-round way, adhere to key prevention and control, scientifically adjust police deployment, strengthen armed patrols, dispatch uniformed or plainclothes policemen on duty one by one, and implement the "four-in-one" prevention and control mode of civilian police fixed-point security inspection, special police armed patrol, armed police patrol at the mouth, and civilian police carrying dogs into stations at key stations to form a strong deterrence.

We should further strengthen the control of key goods and key personnel, tighten the public security management of all kinds of dangerous explosive goods purchasing and selling channels, strictly supervise and implement the management system of voucher purchasing, real name registration, receiving and checking, and suspicious situation report, and resolutely block dangerous goods and dangerous persons outside the station. Efforts should be made to prepare for emergencies, improve emergency preparedness plans for possible emergencies, coordinate special police, fire fighting, armed police and other forces, relatively fix the formation of emergency response forces, and maintain the first-line and active readiness of police, so as to ensure rapid response and efficient disposal of emergencies. The Ministry of Public Security requires that public security organs at all levels, under the unified leadership of the Party Committee and the government, and in conjunction with transport departments, urge Metro bus operators to further strengthen security measures and implement security responsibilities. The Party Committee and the government should be actively invited to increase investment, equip every subway train and bus with safety personnel, necessary protective and riot-proof facilities and equipment, promote and install new security technologies and new products, organize training exercises, improve basic skills such as identifying prohibited items, finding and reporting suspicious situations, and organizing emergency escape.


Strict security inspection system should be implemented seriously, and measures for checking and controlling prohibited items should be strengthened. Goods entering and boarding must be checked securely. Urban ground buses should be strengthened by spot checking. Special checks should be carried out to thoroughly investigate and rectify potential safety hazards. If the security system is not perfect, facilities are incomplete, measures are not implemented, and security forces are not in place, the time limit should be urged to rectify the hidden dangers. Vehicles that are not in place for rectification should be ordered to stop operation and shut down; and centralized rectification actions should be organized to highlight public security problems and disorder points. The Ministry of Public Security stressed that all localities should take the security of Metro buses as an important part of anti-terrorism and stability work, and effectively strengthen organizational leadership and unified coordination. Under the leadership of Party committees and the government, we should fully implement the responsibility of Metro bus safety territorial management, industry supervision and the main responsibility of operation units for security. We should actively organize and mobilize the masses to carry out mass prevention and mass control, give full play to the role of the red armband, assist the police on duty, maintain the order of bus stops, encourage the masses to find suspicious clues to report in time, vigorously commend the people for their brave acts of justice, and reward them for providing important clues and effectively stopping crimes.