Metal Detector Testing Machine Solves Food Safety Problem

- May 07, 2019-

Food safety and hygiene are directly related to people's health, so packaging as part of the whole food production process also has high requirements. When many enterprises formulate their own food safety system, metal detection is an important one.

Sources of Metal Foreign Body in Food


The two key links of food safety are the acquisition of processing materials and food production process. The sources of metals or foreign bodies are very complex. They may come from the raw materials themselves, because the manufacturer can not completely remove them in the cleaning process and bring them into the food. They may also come from the package provided by the supplier or directly from the production process. For example, while the manufacturer realizes the mechanical automation, the mechanical equipment they use also brings some hidden safety hazards. Due to the wear and tear of mechanical parts during the production process, debris or parts drop directly. These unwelcome metal foreign bodies not only affect the taste and quality of products, but also contain lead, mercury and other harmful substances. Small size, hard to find with the naked eye, it is very easy to be eaten by consumers, which poses a huge threat to consumers'health.

Metal detector

Many food manufacturers will introduce various brands and types of testing instruments according to their specific conditions. At present, metal testing machines are the most widely used in the market. General metal detectors can detect iron, stainless steel and other metals, and the current detection equipment are relatively stable, there is basically no missing detection.

Now the application technology of metal detection is very mature. The use of metal detection equipment not only ensures the safety and hygiene of food production, but also improves the production efficiency. At the same time, it provides necessary conditions for the production enterprises to pass HACCP and GMP certification system, reduces the huge hidden dangers in food safety work, reduces the difficulty of doing food safety work well, and enables consumers to purchase and eat. Food is also safer and safer to use.