Market analysis and application standard of walk through security gate

- Dec 20, 2019-

Market analysis and application standard of walk through metal detector security gate

According to statistics, there are millions of coal mining enterprises in China. The number of public hospitals and private hospitals has also increased dramatically. The number of financial institutions is also expanding. The number of exhibitions is also expanding. Thousands of entertainment places are also increasing. The safety inspection industry will have great prospects.

1、 Non civil aviation market

The potential of this market is imaginative, and it is more attractive here. For example, prisons, large-scale sports venues, banks, large conferences, courts, mints, expositions, office buildings, research units, government units, embassies, telecommunications rooms or military units, etc. all of these places need walk through metal detector security gates, and the demand of these markets combined is quite large.


2、 Civil market

The potential of walk through metal detector security gate in the civil market can not be ignored. At present, it is widely used in electronic factories, such as mobile phone factories, chip factories and other enterprises with high unit price products or modules. They all need security gate to prevent property loss. It only needs a simple calculation to know that such enterprises can recover huge losses by installing security doors.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of security gates, each of which has different characteristics. Take the civil aviation airport for example. At present, civil aviation units in various countries have formulated new security standards for walk through metal detector security gates. The new standards require the detection of micromorphic weapons, including magnetic, non-magnetic and mixed alloy materials. Then, in the gate type channel, 100% of the coverage space can not allow dead angle detection. In fact, weapons and personal metal items are often mixed up in the human body, so false alarms are not allowed, which is a big challenge.

The function of walk through security door is not only security inspection, but also metal anti-theft. If metal anti-theft is used, it is mainly aimed at non-ferrous metals, such as gold, silver, copper, etc. traditional security door is usually sensitive to ferrous metals, so it's more troublesome for factory anti-theft. But now, there is a special purpose in the market The security door for non-ferrous metal detection can select different detection modes according to the needs of customers. There are three detection modes for this kind of security gate: ferrous metal detection mode, non-ferrous metal detection mode and all metal detection mode. If the customer sets a special detection mode for ferrous metal, even if the largest ferrous metal passes, the security gate will not alarm, If the black metal detection mode is set, if there is non-ferrous metal passing through, it will not alarm. With this function, the function of the security gate can be better played.