Main functions of underground metal detectors

- Nov 30, 2017-


   1. Rapid search of public security criminal departments;

   2. The detection of raw materials, fuel, food in metal foreign bodies;

   3. Check the mail, the package of metal goods;

   4. Probing underground pipelines and cables;

   5. Scrap metal recovery.

Other functions
   1. Archaeological, prospecting, found hidden in the underground gold and silver treasures and         metal artifacts. With the ground balance line, the effect of "mineralization reaction" can         be eliminated, and the depth and accuracy of effective detection are greatly improved.  

   2. Have the distinction between ferrous and non-ferrous metal functions;

   3. Adopt intelligent operating system;

   4. The use of high-strength ABC materials Packaging, light weight, long life;

   5. The metal sound can be identified by headphones.