Main categories of chips in security monitoring system

- May 07, 2018-

Various types of chips are widely distributed in the entire security monitoring system and play a central role. The chip largely affects the overall function, technical specifications, stability, energy consumption, cost, etc. of the security system, and plays a key role in the context and direction of the security industry's future development.


Security industry from analog evolution to digital and then network HD, and the current normalization of intelligence, without exception, benefited from the progress of chip technology. Professional technologies such as image signal processing, video codec, and AI intelligent analysis are tightly coupled with the appropriate chip hardware to give full play to the effectiveness of the monitoring system. The following figure shows the main chip subdivisions and related manufacturers in a typical security system:


As can be seen from the above figure, the video surveillance system includes front and back end devices, and an intermediate transmission system. The implementation of each function cannot be separated from the support of the corresponding chip.


The front-end device completes the acquisition of video signals, including one or more cameras and its associated equipment, and completes the collection of images, voice, alarm, and status information. The camera photographs the scene as an analog/digital video signal and transmits it to the surveillance system. It mainly includes ISP chips, image sensors, and current IPC SoC chips.


The signal transmission part completes the transmission of front-end audio and video, control and status signals. According to the type of transmission signal, it can be divided into two major categories: digital and analog.


Back-end equipment includes control, display, storage and so on. The control end completes the display switching of the video signal, the control of the cloud mirror, the allocation of resources, and the function of scheduling management; the display end completes the output of the video signal terminal equipment; the video storage terminal mainly completes the storage and playback of the digital video signal, including the DVR, NVR and so on. Mainly includes DVR SoC chip, NVRSoC chip.


In the typical monitoring system, the ISP chip and DVR SoC chip for the analog camera, the IPC SoC chip for the network camera, and the NVR SoC chip have large usage, and the localization rate is high.