Lukou Airport Security Inspection Upgrade Packet Opening Rate Increased by 30% Best to Wait 90 minutes in advance

- Feb 22, 2019-

Opening inspection rate increased by 30%.

During the interview, Jinling Evening News reporters learned that besides requesting passengers to take off their shoes to cooperate with the inspection, the inspection rate of passengers'waistbands and bags was increased during the security inspection. Miss Liu, who has just checked in, is going through security checks. As a result of the baggage check-in, Miss Liu only carried a small bag. Although there was only one small bag, the staff let it be put into the X-ray machine for inspection.  Suddenly, the X-ray machine alarmed, and even Miss Liu was puzzled. "Miss, open your bag, please." At the request of the staff, Miss Liu opened the bag. After on-site inspection, she had a lighter in her bag. "Oh, I put it in my bag after dinner last night. I'm sorry." While explaining, Miss Liu threw the lighter into the designated box.


The above is just one example. During the interview, Jinling Evening News reporters learned that the current airport securJinling Evening News reporter learned yesterday that, according to the requirements of the National Civil Aviation Administration, the airport security level will be raised to three levels from now on. The checking rate of baggage unpacking, shoe removal and belt release, and checking rate of checked baggage unpacking have been greatly improved. Especially the opening rate has increased by 30% than usual.


The increase of inspection will naturally affect the time for passengers to check in and pass the security check-in, so whether these will affect the passengers traveling by air or not, Jinling Evening News reporters know that although the inspection intensity has increased, in order to ensure the smooth travel of passengers as far as possible, the airport security inspection department will urgently increase the security check-in corridor according to the passenger flow. For passengers traveling by air, they usually arrive at the airport 90 minutes in advance.


In addition, Jinling Evening News reporters in the interview also learned an important news: although the specific reasons for the security upgrade are not known for the time being, the upgrade is expected to last until September 10. That is to say, airport security will be restored to its original state from September 11.


Check explosion-proof at the first checkpoint

Previously, when passengers arrived at the airport terminal on the second floor, they could carry their baggage into the waiting hall to check in. But yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed at the entrance of the terminal building, but found that now to enter the terminal building must first "break" through the explosion-proof detection checkpoint.


The reporter of Jinling Evening News saw on the spot that the notice of "explosion-proof detection" was posted on the glass door at the entrance of the terminal building, beside which explosion-proof detector was placed. When passengers enter the waiting hall with their baggage, the security inspectors on the side will take the inspection stick to sample the baggage carried by passengers, and then put the sample into the explosion-proof instrument for testing to ensure the safety of rear passage.


"This is our new explosion-proof test." Hu Tianyong, the domestic travel Inspection Department of the airport, told reporters that, in addition to the explosion-proof detector installed in front of the entrance of the security channel, they added an explosion-proof detection at the entrance and exit of the terminal building on June 25, in order to strictly guard against passengers carrying dangerous goods boarding flights in order to ensure the safety of flights.


Four people were asked to take off their shoes in 30 minutes

"Take off your shoes, sir." After hearing the requirements of the security staff, Mr. Li was somewhat puzzled: Didn't he just pass the security inspection? Why did he take off his shoes? The staff explained to Mr. Li, "Routine inspection, I hope you can cooperate." Although he felt a little unhappy, Mr. Li took off his shoes.


After taking off his shoes, the staff asked Mr. Li to put on a pair of slippers and sit aside and wait. Then, put Mr. Li's sneakers in the X-ray machine to check. After passing the X-ray machine smoothly, the staff returned the sneakers to Mr. Li's hands.  After putting on his shoes, Mr. Li passed the security check smoothly.


Hu Tianyong said that at present, some shoes have thicker soles, and some passengers attempt to put some contraband items such as lighters into them to get through. In order to strengthen the inspection, all passengers with thicker soles will be asked to take off their shoes for inspection. Jinling Evening News reporter noticed at the scene that within half an hour four passengers were asked to take off their shoes.

ity inspection rate has greatly improved, an increase of 30% than usual.


Just wait 90 minutes in advance.

With the upgrade of airport security, passengers have to break through the "Four Passes" from arriving at the airport to passing the security inspection.

Among them, the first and second passes are that the baggage carried by passengers should be sampled by explosion-proof detector; the third passes through security gate inspection, and the baggage carried by boarding passes through X-ray machine inspection; the fourth passes through manual re-inspection.

Then, whether the increase of the inspection rate will affect the travel of passengers, people concerned said that although the inspection intensity has increased, in order to ensure the smooth travel of passengers as far as possible, the airport security inspection department has taken corresponding measures such as opening more security channels to allow passengers to pass the security inspection quickly. But here is a friendly reminder that passengers traveling by air should arrive at the airport 90 minutes earlier.